6 Aug 2015


Clash of Clans Auto-Farm – Get Millions of Gold and Elixir in a Day

Have you ever thought how to get millions of gold and elixir, thousands of dark elixir in a day? You will need a lot of efforts and times to get all that, but you have to spare your time for other things too, study, work, family, friends, and sleep.

millions of gold and elixir

What is the way for you to get millions of gold and elixir in a day for your Clash of Clan game and also have time to do other things. Buy gems? If you want to upgrade your Town Hall and maximize your building level fast by gems, you need a lot of money unless you're rich. Search for Clash of Clan unlimited gems hack on Google? I have tried this way, and not yet found any hack that is true, all are scams!

The best way for me is use Clash of Clan bot that automatically farms gold, elixir and dark elixir. Its works by automatically train troops and automatically attacks, type of troops to be train and what kind of enemy base can be set by the user on the setting. What you need to do is run the Clash of Clan bot program and wait your gold and elixir storage full. Yes ! Its very simple.

Don’t worry about getting banned, many users have been using this bot for many times and non of them got banned. The software is programmed to prevent users from getting banned.


How to Start?
1. First, you need a computer or laptop.
2. Download and Install Bluestack on your computer or laptop – www.bluestack.com.
3. Download Clash of Clan Bot – www.clashbot.org (Make sure you register on the website first, because you need to log in before start auto farming.
4. Run the Clash of Clan Bot software.