13 Jun 2013


Level 2 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers by Hints

>> symblCrowd logo quiz answers level 2 by images <<

1. Italian design company, best known for luxury, pret-a-porter clothing. Called like a special fuel. Answer: Diesel.

2. Free, open source, cross-platform email and news client. Developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Answer: Mozilla Thunderbird.

3. Company for sports shoes, sportswear, sports accessories and fashion items. World leader in hockey equipment. Answer: Reebok.

4. Freeware. Free web browser. Answer: Opera.

5. American global technology company based in Santa Clara, California. Known for its graphics processing units. Answer: Nvidia.

6. Sports brand. First ascent of the mountain by the same American-British researchers Hudson Stuck. Answer: McKinley.

7. Snowboard outerwear, swim and beachwear. Products are available exclusively at INTERSPORT stores all around the planet. Answer: Firefly.

8. Manufacturer of computer hardware. D.... Answer: Dell.

9. Italian fashion company. G... A.... Answer: Giorgio Armani.

10. Brewery in Ireland. Known for the eponymous dark beer (stout). Answer: Guinness.

11. Chain of restaurants, hotels and casinos. It is all about rock. Answer: Hard Rock Cafe.

12. American motorcycle manufacturer. H...-D.... Answer: Harley Davidson.

13. One of the largest hotel chains worldwide. Paris H.... Answer: Hilton.

14. American lifestyle brand. Sometimes also known as "HCO". Answer: Hollister.

15. German fashion and style house. Named after its founder. Answer: Hugo Boss.

16. Italian manufacturer. L...ini. Answer: Lamborghini.

17. Italian automotive company. L...a. Answer: Lancia.

18. Based in Cologne. One of the largest global corporations in civil aviation. Answer: Lufthansa.

19. Italian sports car manufacturer. Fangio won with a car of this brand, the Formula 1 World Championship 1957. Answer: Maserati.

20. American toy company. Barbie. Answer: Mattel.

21. Japanese brand. Outside of Japan, known for cars. Answer: Mitsubishi.

22. American radio and television network. Based in Rockefeller Center in New York. Answer: NBC.

23. French vehicle manufacturer. Oldest existing car brand. Answer: Peugeot.

24. Based in Milan. Italian tire manufacturer. Answer: Pirelli.

25. Eyewear and glasses. Known for its Aviator sunglasses. Answer: Ray-Ban.

26. Austrian manufacturer of energy drinks. It gives you wings. Answer: Red Bull.

27. Luggage manufacturer. S...ite. Answer: Samsonite.

28. Company founded in 1950 for automotive production. One of the largest passenger car manufacturer in Spain. Answer: Seat.

29. VoIP-Software. ...pe. Answer: Skype.

30. American restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads. "Eat Fresh" - every sandwich is made in front of the customer. Answer: Subway.

31. Provides international services in the postal and express services. Short title for Trinitrotoluene. Answer: TNT.

32. Name of the official mascot of the Linux open source operating system, derived from "Torvalds Unix". Answer: Tux.

33. European Football Associations. One of six continental confederations of FIFA. Answer: UEFA.

34. Oldest and second-longest subway system in the world. Aso called "the Tube". Answer: London Underground.

35. American sports shoe manufacturer. Focus on skateboarding, snowboarding and BMX. Answer: Vans.

36. From the Latin. Manufacture of vehicles. Answer: Volvo.

37. Free online project for the collection and edition of free text. Operated by the Wikimedia Foundation. Answer: Wikisource.

38. Sells musical instruments and motorcycles. Y...h...a. Answer: Yamaha.

39. British–Dutch multinational consumer goods company. Its products include foods, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. Answer: Unilever.

40. German manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, plastics and pesticides. B.... Answer: Bayer.

41. Based in Munich, operates worldwide. By turnover and market capitalization the world's largest insurance group. Answer: Allianz.

42. Taiwanese manufacturer of computer hardware. A...s. Answer: Asus.

43. French insurance company. Three letters, two different letters. Answer: Axa.

44. It is the largest broadcaster in the world. A British public service broadcaster. Answer: BBC.

45. Japanese tire manufacturer. B...s.... Answer: Bridgestone.

46. French car manufacture. C...e.... Answer: Citro├źn.

47. Based in Hannover, Germany. Co...al. Answer: Continental.

48. Founded in 1908. Sporting goods supplier based in Massachusetts. Answer: Converse.

49. Germanys largest bank. Deu... B.... Answer: Deutsche Bank.

50. Worldwide known tire brand. 'D...p'. Answer: Dunlop.