23 Jun 2013


Level 3 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers by Hints

1. Monthly released PC computer game magazine, published by the IDG, Germany. G...star','G...star. Answer: GameStar.
2.  German news ticker for IT issues. H... online. Answer:  Heise Online.
3. American sporting goods company. Pete Sampras was playing with tennis rackets by this company. Answer: Wilson.
4. Sells Drinks. Energy-Drink. Answer:  Rockstar.
5. Internationally operating Swiss manufacturer of sportswear. Europe's number one supplier of sports underwear. Answer: Odlo.
6. American company in the sports and clothing industry. Known for its sunglasses and ski glasses. Answer: Oakley.
7. Launched by Hansen Natural in 2002. Energy drink. Answer: Monster Energy.
8. Coffee producers. 'i..y’. Answer: illy.
9. Dutch member of the Inter-Alpha Group of Banks. Global financial institution offering banking services. Answer: ING-DiBa.
10. South Korean car manufacturer. Since 1998, belongs to the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group. Answer: Kia Motors.
11. Italian company. Sells coffee. Answer: Lavazza.
12. Manufacturer of support systems for electronic products. The company was founded in 1967 by Greg Lowe. Answer: Lowepro.
13. British small cars. Part of BMW Group. Answer: MINI .
14. Vehicle manufacturer based in Pontedera, Italy. Manufacturer of the famous Vespa. Answer: Piaggio.
15. Sports drink. Marketed by The Coca-Cola Company. Answer: Powerade.
16. French car manufacturer. Engine supplier of various Formula 1 teams. Answer: Renault.
17. Italian manufacturer of household appliances. S...o. Answer: Saeco.
18. Swiss family company, founded 1907. Active in the field of security services. Answer: Securitas.
19. Little car. Automotive brand of Daimler AG. Answer: Smart.
20. Famous vodka distillery. S...f. Answer: Smirnoff.
21. Founded in 1997, the world's largest airline alliance. St... All.... Answer: Star Alliance.
22. Global telecommunications company based in Spain. In Spain knows as Movistar. Answer: Telefónica.
23. Manufacturers of clothing and footwear for outdoors, founded in 1973 in Boston. Known for its beige leather boots. Answer: Timberland.
24. Headquartered in Chicago. An american airline. Answer: United Airlines.
25. American manufacturer of major home appliances. W...oo.... Answer: Whirlpool.
26. Wiki for the creation of educational, physical and technical books. Hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Answer: Wikibooks.
27. A German food and beverage brand. Produces dehydrated soup mixes and condiments. Answer: Knorr.
28. Spanish Company, founded 1997. Ac...a. Answer: Acciona.
29. Internationally active financial firms from the UK and third largest bank in the UK. B...ys. Answer: Barclays.
30. Hawaiian sportswear manufacturer. Da.... Answer: DaKine.
31. Trade. Producers receive products traded on a fixed minimum price. Answer: Fair Trade.
32. American consumer electronics company. Former developer and manufacturer of video games, such as the VCS 2600. Answer: Atari.
33. American software company. Manufacturer of Flash and Photoshop. Answer: Adobe.
34. Operating system for mobile devices. It is installed on your phone. Answer: Android.
35. Japanese electronic company. Manufacturer of printers, plotters, cameras. Answer: Canon.
36. American company in the telecommunications industry. ...sc.... Answer: Cisco.
37. American car brand. D.... Answer: Dodge.
38. Italian sports goods manufacturers. F...a. Answer: Fila.
39. Swedish furniture group. Furniture named Billy, Knut, SMYCKA, magicians, effective, Duktig. Answer: IKEA.
40. Object-oriented programming language. Named after a strong coffee. Answer: Java.
41. American multinational imaging and photographic equipment, materials and services company. K...k. Answer: Kodak.
42. American multinational telecommunications company. Started in Chicago, Illinois as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. Answer: Motorola.
43. Former music exchange. Today, commercial online music service. Answer: Napster.
44. Free photo management software from Google. P...a. Answer: Picasa.
45. Sony brand trade name. Prototype was built in 1978 by audio-division engineer Nobutoshi Kihara. Answer: Walkman.
46. Founded by brothers Albrecht. Trading company from Germany, operates worldwide. Answer: Aldi.
47. French tire manufacturer. Also sells maps, hotel guides and travel guides. Answer: Michelin.
48. Free online encyclopaedia. Everybody can add his knowledge. Answer: Wikipedia.
49. Suppliers of navigation systems. N...n. Answer: Navigon.
50. Content-Management-System. Dr..... Answer: Drupal.



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