30 Jan 2013


DOOORS - Room Escape Game Walkthroughs Level 11 - 15

This is DOOORS Room Escape Game Walkthrough For Level 11 to Level 15

Level 11 Solution
Activate the red headed pin.
Tap the small hole on top of the middle door.
Tap the door.

Level 12 Solution
Tap the white button until it change to red colour, only for second and third button on the left, and first button for the right.
Tap the white button until change to black colour, only for first button on left and third button on right.
Tap the door.

Level 13 Solution
Tap the left torch.
Shake your device to the left and right until all lights change to green.
Tap the door.
Activate the torch and tap the spider web.

Level 14 Solution
Swipe all the slider to move them and match the slashed mark above the door.
Swipe gradiently from left to right, from high to lower.
Tap the door.

Level 15 Solution
Tap the bomb on the far left.
Activate the bomb and tap the door bottom.
Activate the torch and tap the bomb.
Tap the hand handles according to the mark beside the door.
Left, Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right