30 Jan 2013


DOOORS - Room Escape Game Walkthroughs Level 6 - 10

This is DOOORS Room Escape Game Walkthrough For Level 6 to Level 10

Level 6 Solution
Tap the yellow switch to turn on and off the light.
Repeat tapping the switch until all light above the door turn green.
Tap  the door.

Level 7 Solution
Tap the white button to match the colour on the door.
Top to bottom left side, Black, White, Black
Top to bottom right side, White, Black, White
Tap the door.

Level 8 Solution
Tap the red berry on the left vase ( on the wall nearest to the door ).
Swipe the door to the left.

Level 9 Solution
In this level timing is crucial.
You need to tap the right wheel to move it.
The hole on both wheels need to be at the green mark at the same time.
Tap the door fast when both hole on the green mark.

Level 10 Solution
Shake your device to the left and right until the fire come off.
Tap at the fire place and tap the lever under it.
Move the left tree to the left.
Activate the lever and tap the hole on the left wall.
Tap the lever to open the door.