30 Jan 2013


DOOORS - Room Escape Game Walkthroughs Level 16 - 20

This is DOOORS Room Escape Game Walkthrough For Level 16 to Level 20

Level 16 Solution
Hold your device, screen facing down, flat 180 degrees ( like the man facing the ground ).
Tap the door.

Level 17 Solution
Rotate your device for the rock to slide to the left.
Tap the switch and two characters appear.
Tap the left clock 11 times.
Tap the right clock 7 times.
Tap the door.

Level 18 Solution
Tap one by one the red buttons until the golden ball stuck at the top.

Level 19 Solution
Swipe the left door upward and tap the white button.
Swipe the right door upward, tap the white button and tap the orange ball.
Swipe down both doors.
Activate the orange ball and push the white button on the ceiling.
Swipe the middle door upward.

Level 20 Solution
Tap each the colouring circles to match the patern.
Follow as in the video.