9 Jul 2013


Level 20 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

1. American toy company. Barbie. Answer: Mattel.
2. Was a highway within the U.S. highway system. Became one of the most famous roads in America. Answer: Route 66.
3. File hosting service. Allows users to upload and sync files to a cloud storage. Answer: SkyDrive.
4. Russian company. World’s largest aluminium company. Answer: RUSAL.
5. American multinational corporation. Develops and manufactures data storage solutions. Answer: SanDisk.
6. Software product. Proprietary optical disc authoring software. Answer: CloneCD.
7. Cross platform game engine. Developed by unity technologies. Answer: Unity.
8. Developed by apple. Web browser. Answer: Safari.
9. Virtual drive. Optical disc authoring program. Answer: Daemon Tools.
10. Proprietary voice over IP software. Target audience is gamers. Answer: TeamSpeak.
11. Shareware file archiver. Current developer is Eugene roshal. Answer: WinRAR.
12. Game publisher. World’s second-largest gaming company by revenue after Nintendo. Answer: Activision Blizzard.
13. Canadian company based in Montreal. Global leader of aluminium mining and production. Answer: ALCAN.
14. Based in the south phoenix area of phoenix, Arizona. Owns several for-profit educational institutions. Answer: Apollo.
15. American privately held communication company. Products are business, telecommunications and equipment. Answer: Avaya.
16. Anglo-Australian multinational mining and petroleum company. World’s largest mining company. Answer: BHP Billiton.
17. Non-profit organization. Support the free software movement. Answer: FSF.
18. American stock exchange. Second-largest stock exchange by market capitalization in the world. Answer: NASDAQ.
19. American chain of department stores. Was bought out by Kmart in early 2005. Answer: Sears.
20. American it company. Proprietary computer storage and data management company. Answer: NetApp.
21. Fabless semiconductor company. Logo is inspired from the mathematical sinc function. Answer: Broadcom.
22. American fast food chain (historic logo). Competitor of McDonald’s. Answer: Burger King.
23. American video game development company. Well known for its social-distribution network steam. Answer: Valve.
24. Open source application framework. For the java platform. Answer: Spring Framework.
25. Internet content delivery network. One of the world’s largest distributed-computing platforms. Answer: Akamai.
26. Fast food restaurant chain. Primarily known for selling roast beef sandwiches and curly fries. Answer: Arby's.
27. Question answering focused web search engine. Currently owned by InterActiveCorp. Answer: Ask.
28. One of the largest independent software corporations. Creates systems software that runs in mainframe and distributed computing. Answer: CA.
29. American multinational chemical corporation. It is the second-largest chemical manufacturer. Answer: Dow Chemical.
30. American multinational corporation. Sells data storage products and services. Answer: EMC.
31. Was a French oil company. Which merged with totalfina. Answer: Elf.
32. Sporting goods company. Is known for pioneering fiberglass ski technology. Answer: K2.
33. Flag carrier airline of the Netherlands. It is the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name. Answer: KLM.
34. American manufacturer of cookies and snacks. Best known for Oreo cookies. Answer: Nabisco.
35. Kuwait’s national oil company. Was founded on January 27, 1980 as an umbrella company. Answer: Q8.
36. Privately owned software company. Best known for QuarkXPress. Answer: Quark.
37. Italian-based manufacturer of tractors and combine harvesters. Founded 1942 in Treviglio. Answer: SAME Deutz-Fahr.
38. Linux distribution. Sponsored by novel and a number of other companies. Answer: openSUSE.
39. Largest Brazilian airline. Headquarters are in São Paulo. Answer: TAM.
40. American film studio. Original studio of that name was founded in 1919. Answer: United Artists.
41. American global information technology company. Based in blue bell, Pennsylvania, USA. Answer: Unisys.
42. Was the first airline founded in Brazil. From 1965 until 1990 it was Brazil’s leading and almost only international airline. Answer: VARIG.
43. Knife manufacturer based in Switzerland. Sole supplier of multi-purpose knives to the Swiss army. Answer: Victorinox.
44. Israeli world wide web infrastructure software company. Deployment and management of PHP-based web applications. Answer: Zend.
45. Worldwide marketing communications network. It is owned by Omnicom group. Answer: DDB.
46. French multinational advertising and public relations company. One of the world’s three largest advertising holding companies. Answer: Publicis.
47. American internet company. Held over 50 brands across 40 countries, like ask.com. Answer: IAC.
48. Designer and manufacturer of mobile handheld computers. Best known for his organiser. Answer: Psion.
49. Internet-based travel website. Founded as a division of Microsoft in 1996. Answer: Expedia.
50. Answer engine. Based on the computational platform mathematica. Answer: Wolfram Alpha.