9 Jul 2013


Level 19 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

1. Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and systems company. World’s fifth-largest telecoms equipment maker. Answer: ZTE.
2. American video game development company. Developer of Borderlands. Answer: Gearbox.
3. Video game developer based in Lyon, France. Developer of Dishonoured. Answer: Arkane Studios.
4. American video game development company. Developer of Doom and Wolfenstein. Answer: Id Software.
5. Digital distribution platform. Developed by Valve Corporation. Answer: Steam.
6. German kitchen manufacturer. Located in Aich near Bodenkirchen in Lower Bavaria. Answer: Bulthaup.
7. Full-color monthly American magazine. Well known for its Vaporware Awards. Answer: Wired.
8. Free open source 2-dimensional physics simulator engine. Used in many online Flash games. Answer: Box2D.
9. Instant messaging client. Created by Microsoft. Answer: MSN Messenger.
10. Computer program for free-form information gathering. Also part of MS Office. Answer: OneNote.
11. Open-source office productivity software suite. Originated as staroffice. Answer: OpenOffice.
12. Proprietary office suite. Originally developed by stardivision. Answer: StarOffice.
13. Free and open source office suite. Developed by The Document Foundation. Answer: LibreOffice.
14. Free Unix-like operating system. Development began in 1993. Answer: FreeBSD.
15. Unix operating system. Originally developed by Sun Microsystems. Answer: Solaris.
16. Desktop environment. Graphical user interface that runs on top of a computer operating system. Answer: GNOME.
17. Unix-based graphical interface operating systems. Developed, marketed, and sold by Apple. Answer: Mac OS X.
18. Mobile operating system. Developed and distributed by Apple. Answer: IOS.
19. Internet-based travel website. Founded as a division of Microsoft in 1996. Answer: Expedia.
20. Video game developer. Developers of the game series Guild Wars. Answer: ArenaNet.
21. South Korea-based online video game company. Published massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Answer: NCsoft.
22. Anglo-Swiss multinational mining company. World’s largest exporter of thermal coal. Answer: Xstrata.
23. American fast food chain. Competitor of McDonald’s. Answer: Burger King.
24. Europe’s largest manufacturer of sanitary fittings. Has a showroom for partners and visitors on Fifth Avenue, New York. Answer: Grohe.
25. Internetplattform. Website. Offering ad-supported on-demand streaming video. Answer: Hulu.
26. British multinational music company. Was one of the "big four" record companies. Answer: EMI.
27. Travel website. Assists customers in gathering travel information. Answer: TripAdvisor.
28. Canadian telecommunication and wireless equipment company. Best known as the developer of the blackberry smartphone. Answer: RIM.
29. Handheld game console. Manufactured and marketed by Sony. Answer: PS Vita.
30. British-Australian multinational metals and mining corporation. Named after a Spain river. Answer: Rio Tinto.
31. Global generic and specialty pharmaceuticals company. Headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Answer: Mylan.
32. Vector graphics editor. Free cross-platform software. Answer: Inkscape.
33. Menswear. A brand owned by Danish company Bestseller. Answer: JackJones.
34. Family of specifications of an XML-based file format. For two-dimensional vector graphics. Answer: SVG.
35. American video game company. Best known for creating The Elder Scrolls RPG series. Answer: Bethesda.
36. American food production and distribution company. One of the country’s largest producers of branded food. Answer: Del Monte Foods.
37. Image retouching and editing tool. Often cited as a replacement for Adobe Photoshop. Answer: GIMP.
38. One of the largest private equity investment firms. Founded in 1992 by David Bonderman, James Coulter and William S. Price III. Answer: TPG.
39. Set of tools with a managed runtime environment. Facilitates video game development and management. Answer: XNA.
40. Focuses on 3D design software. Best known for AutoCAD. Answer: Autodesk.
41. Software company located in St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda. Best known for clonecd. Answer: SlySoft.
42. Diversified managed health care company. Largest single health carrier in the United States. Answer: UnitedHealth.
43. Shopping Website. Price comparison service website. Answer: NexTag.
44. American software company. Specializing in Business Service Management software. Answer: BMC Software.
45. American metals industry company. World’s third largest producer of aluminium. Answer: Alcoa.
46. Software company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Specializes in graphics processing. Answer: Corel.
47. Silicon Valley manufacturer of plds. Reconfigurable complex digital circuits. Answer: Altera.
48. Developer and vendor of security software. Founded in 1985 by Dr. Peter Lammer and Dr. Jan Hruska. Answer: Sophos.
49. American dental equipment maker. Leader in consumable dental products. Answer: Dentsply.
50. Was a U.S. airline. Became part of the US Airways Group after a merger in 2005. Answer: America West.