6 Jul 2013


Level 16 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

1. British manufacturer of luxury automobiles. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of BMW. Answer: Rolls-Royce.
2. Malaysian-owned Formula One team. In 2011 raced as Team Lotus. Answer: Caterham.
3. Brand for two kinds of premium cigar. Produced in Cuba for Habanos S.A. Answer: Cohiba.
4. Contemporary casual wear and dressy apparels seller. The line is sold in flagship stores and boutiques. Answer: Juicy Couture.
5. A company that produces toys for infants and children. Has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel since 1993. Answer: Fisher-Price.
6. American private research university. Is the alma mater of 30 living billionaires and 17 astronauts. Answer: Stanford.
7. Global e-commerce business. In 2002, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay. Answer: PayPal.
8. Manufacturer of diving equipment. A leader in the dive industry. Answer: Mares.
9. American board game. The heart of the game is economics. Answer: Monopoly.
10. Blog-publishing service. Was bought by Google in 2003. Answer: Blogger.
11. Brand of adhesives, tapes and fixing products. Invented the world’s first glue stick. Answer: Pritt.
12. World’s largest recreational diving membership and diver training organization. Motto: "The Way the World Learns to Dive". Answer: PADI.
13. One of the largest internet companies. Best known for his web search engine. Answer: Google.
14. Oral hygiene product line. Was the first toothpaste in a collapsible tube. Answer: Colgate.
15. French winery. A prominent champagne house. Answer: Moët & Chandon.
16. Chinese state-owned telecommunication company. Largest fixed line service provider in China. Answer: China Telecom.
17. American fashion designer. Best known for his Polo clothing brand. Answer: Polo Ralph Lauren.
18. Second-largest bank in Canada by market capitalization. The bank was created in 1955. Answer: Toronto-Dominion Bank.
19. Largest extractor of natural gas in the world. Largest Russian company. Answer: Gazprom.
20. Food company. Known for its ketchup. Answer: Heinz.
21. Brand of batteries. Owns the Procell professional-use brand. Answer: Duracell.
22. Postal service. State-owned company in the UK. Answer: Royal Mail.
23. Independent[3][4] broadcaster owned by the state of Qatar. Initially launched as an Arabic news satellite TV channel. Answer: Al Jazeera
24. American cable TV specialty channel. Slogan: "Surprisingly Human". Answer: Animal Planet.
25. Publicly traded Czech company formerly known as Grisoft. Family of anti-virus and Internet security software. Answer: AVG.
26. Taiwanese multi-national company. Sells and markets consumer electronics, computing and communications devices. Answer: BenQ.
27. Privately held corporation, based in Framingham, Massachusetts. Specializes in audio equipment. Answer: Bose.
28. Italian racing car maker. Founded by Austrian-Italian Carlo Abarth in Turin. Answer: Abarth.
29. Was a major American airline. Merged with United Airlines. Answer: Continental Airlines.
30. American animated sitcom. Series centers on the Griffins, a dysfunctional family. Answer: Family Guy.
31. World’s largest producer of outdoor power products. European leader in consumer watering products. Answer: Husqvarna.
32. German 70-proof digestif. Contrary to an urban legend, it does not contain deer or elk blood. Answer: Jägermeister.
33. A German optics company. Producing cameras, geosurvey equipment, and microscopes. Answer: Leica.
34. Ice cream brand. Consisted of a thick bar of vanilla ice cream on a stick. Answer: Magnum.
35. American makeup brand, owned by L''Oréal. Slogan: "Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s ... Answer: Maybelline.
36. Second largest private company in Canada. World’s largest producer of French fries. Answer: McCain.
37. An annual multiple stage bicycle race. Primarily held in France. Answer: Tour de France.
38. Sub-brand of Sony. Used for many computer products of Sony. Answer: VAIO.
39. Home video game console released by Nintendo. Primary wireless controller detects movement in three dimensions. Answer: Wii.
40. A Swiss Insurance company. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Answer: Zurich.
41. Brand of London Dry gin. Produced in Scotland. Answer: Gordon’s Gin.
42. Brand for young people. Brand of second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Answer: Adidas.
43. Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation. One of the leading manufacturers of electronics products. Answer: Sony.
44. American multinational corporation. Company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Answer: Microsoft.
45. American cable television channel. Original purpose of the channel was to play music videos. Answer: MTV.
46. American multinational hardware and software corporation. World’s leading PC manufacturer. Answer: Hewlett-Packard.
47. International organization. Was founded in 1945 after World War II to replace the League of Nations. Answer: UNO.
48. French manufacturer of alpine, snowboard, and Nordic equipment. French manufacturer of alpine, snowboard, and Nordic equipment. Answer: Rossignol.
49. Sports car by Chevrolet. Has been produced in six generations. Answer: Corvette.
50. Global company with brands and technologies for consumer and industrial businesses. Three business areas: Home Care, Personal Care and Adhesives. Answer: Henkel.



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