26 Jun 2013


Level 4 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers by Hints

1. American manufacturer of textile products. Known for their backpacks, bags and purses. Answer: Eastpak.
2. International company offering temporary staffing and HR services. Name comes from the same metropolitan area in the west of the Netherlands. Answer: Randstad.
3. German game publisher. N... Answer: Noris-Spiele.
4. International Football Federation . For the Game. For the World. Answer: FIFA.
5. American tire manufacturers. 'F... Tire & Rubber Company. Answer: Firestone.
6. German tire manufacturer. German town has the same name. Answer: Fulda.
7. Multinational companies that focus is the supply of natural gas. Center of his activity is Spain, Italy and Latin America. Answer: Gas Natural.
8. Japanese group of companies. Manufacture of a variety of vehicles. Honda9. Holding articles that do not meet Wikipedia's content criteria. In...ator. Answer: Incubator.
10. Currently Europe’s leading savings bank and Spain's third largest financial institution. Headquarter in Barcelona, Spain. Answer: La Caixa.
11. One of the largest electronics retail chain in Europe. Slogan in Germany: "Ich bin doch nicht blöd”. Answer: Media Markt.
12. German manufacturer of writing instruments, watches and accessories. A mountain in the Alps has the same name. Answer: Montblanc.
13. Nestlé Coffee System. Coffee is portioned in aluminium capsules. Answer: Nespresso.
14. Skin Care Products. Known for its skin care cream in a blue box. Answer: Nivea.
15. Non-carbonated beverage from the Coca-Cola Company. Three letters. Answer: Qoo.
16. Irish budget airline. R...air. Answer: Ryanair.
17. World's second largest brewer. S...iller. Answer: Sab Miller.
18. One of the largest electronics retail chain in Europe. Same name like a planet. Answer: Saturn.
19. British satellite broadcasting, broadband and telephony services company. Three letters. Answer: Sky.
20. Fourth largest South Korean automobile manufacturer. The name means double dragons. Answer: SsangYong.
21. A German-based plush toy company known for its high quality. Toys are with the famed "button in ear". Answer: Steiff.
22. British retail chain of cosmetics products. Mit dem Verzicht auf Tierversuche sowie mit der Einhaltung weiterer ethischer Grundsätze. Answer: The Body Shop.
23. Company specialized on outdoor clothing. Sells jackets, fleece products, shoes, tents and backpacks. Answer: The North Face.
24. Low carbonated soft drinks of Coca-Cola Company. Specially designed for adults and the German market (p. .. of Geo ...). Answer: The Spirit of Georgia.
25. Civil protection organisation controlled by the German federal government. 99% of its 83.807 members (January 2010) are volunteers. Answer: Technisches Hilfswerk @ THW.
26. Sales vacuum cleaners, carpet and cosmetics. V...w...k. Answer: Vorwerk.
27. Rental and distribution of films. Formerly known as Buena Vista. Answer: Walt Disney Studios.
28. American Media Group, famous for the production of animated films and entertainment films for children. "Mickey Mouse". Answer: Walt Disney.
29. Fast-food chain. More than 6700 restaurants in 24 countries. Answer: Wendy's.
30. Dominated the telegraph industry in the late 19th century. Financial services and communications company. Answer: Western Union.
31. Experimental species list. Project of the Wikimedia Foundation. Answer: Wikispecies.
32. A brand for a margarine of the manufacturer Unilever. Also known as Flora and Promise. Answer: Becel.
33. British car manufacturers. Presented Queen Elizabeth II with an official State Limousine to celebrate her Golden Jubilee. Answer: Bentley.
34. Largest automotive supplier. Manufacturer of power tools, appliances, security systems and packaging technology. Answer: Bosch.
35. International energy company headquartered in London. Beyond petroleum. Answer: BP .
36. Was one of the most successful race car manufacturers, now only exist as a brand. Builts the fastest road-legal production car in the world. Answer: Bugatti.
37. Mexican beer. C...r...a. Answer: Corona.
38. One of the largest global financial services company. ‘C... S...'. Answer: Credit Suisse.
39. French drink and food company. D…. Answer: DANONE.
40. American film studio. Dr...ks. Answer: DreamWorks.
41. Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity. Federal criminal investigation authority of the Ministry of Justice of the United States. Answer: FBI.
42. Largest mineral water companies in Bayern, Germany. Ad...ener. Answer: Adelholzener.
43. German manufacturer of small electrical appliances. Known for electric shavers. Answer: Braun.
44. American television. Program consists mainly of cartoons and Japanese anime. Answer: Cartoon Network.
45. The world's largest online auction house. eb.... Answer: eBay.
46. Belgian universal multi-channel bank. K…. Answer: KBC Group.
47. Manufacturer of mobile phones. S... E…. Answer: Sony Ericsson.
48. German company, and one of the world’s leading cosmetics suppliers. A sub-25 brand styling product is ShockWaves. Answer: Wella.
49. Non-governmental non-profit organization to promote free knowledge. Operates the Wikipedia encyclopaedia project. Answer: Wikimedia.
50. An international project of the Wikimedia Foundation. Free-content news source wiki. Answer: Wikinews.



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