22 Jan 2013


DOOORS - Room Escape Game Walkthrough

dooors - room escape game walkthrough

This game is made for the player to break through the each doors. Each doors have the unique solving method that player need to do before can go to next level until the last level.

This game is like a puzzle, you need to use your creative thinking to open the doors and escape from the room. In some room you will be given a hint and some room you may need to use your full mind power to be solved. One way to increase your creative thinking level Smile.

In this post I provided the room escape game walkthrough for you in case you stuck in certain room. This walkthrough as only a guide, if you think you can solve it for your own, thats much better.

Room Escape Game Walkthroughs for Android gadgets 

Level 1-5

Level 6-10

Level 11-15

Level 16-20

Level 21-25

Level 26-30

Level 31-35

Level 36-40

Level 41-45

Level 46-50

Level 51-55

Level 56-60