24 Aug 2014


How to Auto Search Loots and Simulate/Test Attack on Enemy in Clash of Clans

Here I will show how to search your desired amount of loots (Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir) and do a simulate or test attack on enemy in Clash of Clans. Before this I use a China app to do this, now the app come in English language.
Note: This app only work on ROOTED DEVICE only.
Download and install XModGames from Playstore (While Available) for this trick.

For first time user make sure you follow the below steps:


1) Launch the XModGames and tap on the Clash of Clans (Tap on the logo) and install the mod.

2) Now you good to use the mod function. Make sure every time you want to use the functions launch the Clash of Clans from XModGames app. Launch the Clash of Clans.
Note – Make sure always launch Clash of Clan from Xmod to use this function

Search Auto Loots
To search your desired amount of loots, first tap on the blue Robot on right side of your screen, then tap on XMod button on the blue menu box . Set the desired amount of gold, elixir, and dark elixir. Make sure you don’t have shield while doing this, and while doing this your gold will reduce same as normal search. Your gold may drain to zero if the search not found your desired loots, make sure not set to high value.

Tap the search switch to start the auto search.

Simulate/Test Attack

This simulate/test attack or called as sandbox attack can be used to test on Clan War and to revenge enemy base.This function can see how damage you can cause to the enemy, and study how to improve the attack to get 3 stars or 100% damage to your enemy base. You need to turn on the Sandbox attack first then scout the enemy base in clan war and visit enemy base defence log to start a simulation or sandbox attack.



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