21 Feb 2014


Level 34 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

1. Worldwide conglomerate. Started as a furniture industry. Answer: Steinhoff.
2. Largest sausage manufacturer in the world. Advertising jingle was part of the American popular culture. Answer: Oscar Mayer.
3. Salad dressing spread. Manufactured by Kraft Foods. Answer: Miracle Whip.
4. Brand of beverage cartons. Brand Name applicable in Germany as a synonym for beverage cartons. Answer: Tetra Pak.
5. Swedish brand name for chocolate products. Manufactured by Kraft Foods. Answer: Marabou.
6. Crisp bread. Brand Name of Barilla. Answer: Wasa.
7. Brand of Kraft Foods. Establishes gelatinous desserts. Answer: Jell-O.
8. American Investment and holding companies. Invested since its inception more than $ 14 billion. Answer: APOLLO.
9. Global manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products. One of the largest plastics packaging producers in the world. Answer: Berry Plastic.
10. Independent game developer. Known for computer games in the adventure and survival horror genre. Answer: Frictional Games.
11. Internationally operating franchise real estate companies. Offer includes services related to real estate transactions. Answer: Century 21 Real Estate.
12. British brown sauce. Is made from the pods of the tamarind tree. Answer: HP Sauce.
13. Fruit juice drink non-carbonated. Is sold in stand-up bags of 200 ml with drinking straw. Answer: Capri-Sun.
14. Multimedia news and review site. Include GameSpy and GIGA. Answer: IGN.
15. Venture-funded start up and Transportation Network Company. Makes a mobile application that connects passengers with drivers. Answer: Uber.
16. World leader in the field of IT media. Published worldwide over 200 newspapers and magazines. Answer: International Data Group.
17. Extensive range of nonfiction in paperback format. Conveys complex issues to inexperienced readers. Answer: For Dummies.
18. Microsoft's first operating system. Used for applications using the access to the hardware require. Answer: MS-DOS.
19. International active publisher. Focuses on scientific, technical, and medical books. Answer: Wiley-Blackwell.
20. Space flight simulation with combat and trading elements. Developed by the company's Cloud Imperium Games. Answer: Star Citizen.
21. Computer game series by Origin Systems. If the survival of mankind in the 27th century. Answer: Wing Commander.
22. Industrially produced Würzsauce. Today's manufacturer is Kraft Foods. Answer: A1 Steak Sauce.
23. Game engine. Developed by Crytek. Answer: CryEngine.
24. German game development company. One of the largest German companies in the computer games industry. Answer: Crytek.
25. Communication system for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Created by Nintendo. Answer: Miiverse.
26. Puzzle-like computer game. Appeared for almost any electronic computing system. Answer: Tetris.
27. Stationary video game console. Manufactured by the company Nintendo. Answer: Wii U.
28. Free program to optimize your computer. Program removes mainly unused and temporary files. Answer: CCleaner.
29. Manufacturer of products for the separation of substances. Formerly known as AB Separator. Answer: Alfa Laval.
30. Computer component manufacturer. The name is a corruption of the word “next.” Answer: NZXT.
31. American manufacturer of mobile phones. Owned by Google. Answer: Motorola Mobility.
32. American television series created by Vince Gilligan. Shows the conversion of a chemistry teacher with cancer to a criminal. Answer: Breaking Bad.
33. U.S. TV station. Shows mainly distinguished Movies. Answer: AMC.
34. Japanese company that manufactures power tools. The range includes petrol, electric, cordless, and pneumatic tools. Answer: Makita.
35. German companies in the tourism industry. Abbreviation for Hotel Reservation Service Robert Ragge GmbH. Answer: HRS.
36. Series of platform video games created by Nintendo. Character is a plumber. Answer: Super Mario.
37. Survival horror computer game. Developed by Frictional Games. Answer: Amnesia.
38. American television series. Men of Madison Avenue. Answer: Mad Men.
39. Swedish company. Specialising in outdoor equipment. Answer: Fjällräven.
40. Swedish-Danish dairy cooperative. Worldwide, the fourth largest dairy. Answer: Arla Foods.
41. Scandinavian airline. Member of the airline alliance Star Alliance. Answer: SAS Scandinavian Airlines.
42. Web storage application. Product of Amazon. Answer: Amazon Cloud Drive.
43. Smartwatch mit E-Paper-Display. Was funded via the crowd funding platform Kickstarter. Answer: Pebble.
44. Manufacturer of PC cases, power supplies, and cooling solutions. Slogan: COOL all YOUR LIFE. Answer: Thermaltake.
45. Unix-like computer operating system. Widely known for the developers' insistence on open-source code. Answer: OpenBSD.
46. Professional organization for computer graphics. Computer Graphics is the quarterly periodical publication. Answer: ACM SIGGRAPH.
47. American manufacturer of digital media products. was acquired by Micron Technology in 2006. Answer: Lexar.
48. French cookware and small appliance manufacturer. Owned by Groupe SEB. Answer: Tefal.
49. Open source computer operating system. Intended to be binary compatible with applications made for Microsoft Windows. Answer: ReactOS.
50. Large French consortium. Produces small appliances. Answer: Groupe SEB.