11 Jul 2013


Level 22 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

1. English brand of cigarettes. Predominantly made from Virginia tobacco. Answer: Benson Hedges.
2. Multinational electronics manufacturing company. Include calculators, watches, cameras. Answer: Casio.
3. Japanese multinational conglomerate. Part of the larger DKB Group. Slogan: Inspire the Next. Answer: Hitachi.
4. Freeware-Programm. Image viewer for Microsoft Windows. Software was first released in 1996. Answer: IrfanView.
5. Premium-rate monthly SMS mobile phone content provider. Based in Berlin, Germany. Answer: Jamba.
6. Brand of cigarettes. Marque de cigarettes. Produced by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Answer: Pall Mall.
7. Graphics editing program. Developed by MOOII Tech, Korea. Answer: PhotoScape.
8. Works in the field of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. Best known for heaters. Answer: Vaillant.
9. German brewery. Ranks number 8 among Germany's bestselling breweries. Answer: Paulaner.
10. German chocolate brand. Owned by Stollwerck. Answer: Sarotti.
11. German fine writing instruments company. Manufacturer and suppliers of writing, artist, and engineering drawing instruments. Answer: Staedtler.
12. Italian food company. Produces a range of pasta. Answer: Buitoni.
13. Upscale international Swiss hotel chain. Are primarily 5-star resort hotels and business/airport hotels. Answer: Moevenpick.
14. Input method for touchscreens. 2011 acquired by Nuance Communications. Answer: Swype.
15. German multinational conglomerate corporation. One of the world's largest steel producers. Slogan: "Developing the future". Answer: ThyssenKrupp.
16. Second largest German manufacturer of chocolate products.was founded 1890 in Bremen, Germany. Answer: Hachez.
17. Germany's largest watch and clock manufacturer. Introduced the first radio-controlled table clock on the world market. Answer: Junghans.
18. Casual clothing brand. Enterprise catalane de conception. Is noted for its patchwork designs, intense prints, innovative graffiti art. Answer: Desigual.
19. American science fiction thriller film.. Created an amusement park of cloned dinosaurs. Answer: Jurassic Park.
20. German confectionary company. Made the first gummy candy in 1922. Answer: Haribo.
21. A zwieback and chocolate producer in Germany. Company was established in 12 October 1912 in Hagen by Carl Brandt. Answer: Brandt.
22. Chocolate bar made by Nestlé. Previously a Rowntree's product with the name "tam". Answer: Lion.
23. Was a confectionery business based in York, England. It is now a historic brand owned by Nestlé. Answer: Rowntrees.
24. Company that produces and retails frozen food. Products include Crispy Pancakes, which were invented in the early 1970s. Answer: Findus.
25. French multinational telecommunications corporation. Largest in Europe and second largest in the world. Answer: France Telecom.
26. 3D medieval fantasy MMORPG. Developed by Mythic Entertainment. Answer: daoc.
27. Electric utility, headquartered in Paris, France. Second largest electric utility company in the world. Answer: EDF
28. French multinational electric utility company. Operates in electricity generation, distribution, natural gas and renewable energy. Answer: GDF Suez.
29. Privately owned retailing symbol group. Based in France and operating internationally. Answer: Les Mousquetaires.
30. Multinational French company. Industry: Environmental services. Answer: Veolia Environnement.
31. Video game developer in Fairfax, Virginia. Is most widely recognized for developing role-playing game Dark Age of Camelot. Answer: Mythic.
32. French hypermarket chain. Chain enables semi-independent stores to operate under the brand. Answer: E.Leclerc.
33. German mechanical engineering company. Primary output is for the automotive industry, particularly heavy trucks. Answer: MAN.
34. Japanese multinational automaker. Was the sixth largest automaker in the world in 2010. Answer: Nissan.
35. Airline based at Dubai International Airport. Largest airline in the Middle East. Answer: Emirates.
36. Colorado-based manufacturer of high-end skiing apparel. World's largest ski specialty brand. Answer: Spyder.
37. Outdoor clothing and sporting goods company. Founded in North Vancouver, Canada, in 1989. Answer: Arcteryx.
38. Brand of beer. Fictional beverage on the animated series The Simpsons. Answer: Duff Beer.
39. Reference book published annually. Containing a collection of world records, both human achievements and the extremes of the natural world. Answer: Guinness World Records.
40. Outdoor recreational activity. Participants use a GPS to hide and seek containers. Answer: Geocaching.
41. Founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994. Known for its web portal, search engine. Answer: Yahoo.
42. American IT company. Proprietary computer storage and data management company. Answer: NetApp.
43. German sporting goods manufacturer. Second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Answer: Adidas.
44. Japanese automotive manufacturer. Best known for his roadster. Answer: Mazda.
45. Oldest Japanese manufacturer of cars. Known mostly for its smaller models and off-road vehicles. Answer: Daihatsu.
46. German defense manufacturing company. Produces various small arms. Answer: Heckler Koch.
47. Product of the Coca-Cola Company. Translated into English, is "Cola Kisses Orange”. Answer: Mezzo Mix.
48. Italian automaker. Largest automobile manufacturer in Italy. Answer: Fiat.
49. American retailer that focuses on casual wear. Known for its racy marketing photography by Bruce Weber. Answer: Abercrombie Fitch.
50. American major global music conglomerate. Largest American-owned music corporation worldwide. Answer: WMG.