5 Mar 2017


Anger of Stick 5 version 1.1.5 (Unlimited Money)

Anger of Stick 5 - help a stick character clear the city out of a strange group of enemies and rescue innocent citizens that have been taken as experimental tools. Take the hero through different locations, destroy monsters and zombies, and also find allies. The enemies turned most of the citizens into zombies. The main character of Anger of Stick 5 have to kill monsters and to stop the plague. Take the hero win the numerous battles. Do the arm wrestling fighting methods. Find different weapons. Rescue the innocent citizens and take them to the safe place. Gather a team of heroes having unique weapons and fighting style as allies to fight the villains.

It is an amazing game that will bring a lot of exciting experience, you will just beat the muzzle other rods, same as yours. The task is to get to the end of the game, you have to save the innocent citizens out of prison to gain all the starts. Let’s the stick-man hit in the face or leg with his knee in the nose and toss through.