10 Jan 2014


Level 33 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

1. Watch factory in Le Locle. Named after the highest point in the universe. Answers: Zenith
2. Italian Restaurant and Retail Company. Focus highways and airports. Answers: Autogrill.
3. Australian fast food restaurant chain. Specializes in the sale of fried chicken and chicken meat products. Answers: Red Rooster.
4. Oldest hamburger restaurant chain in the United States. Known for its square mini burgers. Answers: White Castle.
5. British newspaper. Political liberal position. Answers: The Guardian.
6. American fast-food chain. Focused on hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries. Answers: Five Guys.
7. German franchise business. Provides pizza and pasta. Answers: Hallo Pizza.
8. Manufacturer of exclusive leather goods. Also sells watches, jewellery, and perfume. Answers: Etienne Aigner.
9. Swiss shoe manufacturer. Belongs to the Labelux Group. Answers: Bally.
10. American food manufacturers. was one of the world's largest producers of grain. Answers: Pillsbury Company.
11. Italian fashion brand. Gianni Versace was working here as a designer. Answers: Byblos.
12. Brand Name of coloured chocolate beans. Belongs to Nestlé. Answers: Smarties.
13. Ointment-like mixture of petroleum. Medium against chapped lips and chapped hands. Answers: Vaseline.
14. The brand name for frustoconical chocolate. Belongs to Nestlé. Answers: Rolo.
15. US-based Food Company. Belongs to PepsiCo. Answers: Quaker Oats.
16. Brand of cat food. Belongs to Mars Incorporated. Answers: Whiskas.
17. A theme park at Walt Disney World Resort. Landmark is the attraction Spaceship Earth. Answers: Epcot.
18. Consumer Electronics Company. Main product is the Multi-Room Music System. Answers: Sonos.
19. Internationally known Fashion Company. Purveyor to the British Royal Family. Answers: Pringle of Scotland.
20. A manufacturer of recreational and outdoor articles. Means "buffalo" in the language of the Sioux. Answers: TATONKA.
21. A Swedish company. Manufacturers of kitchen appliances. Answers: Electrolux.
22. A German manufacturer of entertainment and communication technology. Known for his television. Answers: Loewe.
23. Industry Association of German information and telecommunications industry. Answers: BITKOM.
24. Collaborative file sharing protocol. Suitable for the rapid deployment of large data sets. Answers: BitTorrent.
25. Manufacturers of consumer electronics. Mainly produce televisions and surround sound systems. Answers: Zenith Electronics Corporation.
26. A New Zealand company in the dairy industry. Largest companies in the country. Answers: Fonterra.
27. Largest Chilean Telecommunications Company. is best known for the 127 meter high Torre Entel. Answers: Entel Chile.
28. Brand of soap. Marketed originally by Lever Brothers in England. Answers: Lifebuoy.
29. American Footwear Company. Division of the Deckers Outdoor Corporation. Answers: UGG Boots.
30. Manufacturer of outdoor footwear. Known for its (Sports) Sandals. Answers: Teva.
31. Water Technology Company. Market leader in this segment in Europe. Answers: BWT AG.
32. Computer game development company. Since 2006 belongs to EA. Answers: Dice.
33. Music video and entertainment Internet site. Owned and operated by Universal, Sony, and Google. Answers: VEVO.
34. Global provider of interactive entertainment products. Develops also flight simulation software. Answers: Mad Catz.
35. Develops and produces electronic equipment. Original developer of chess computers. Answers: Saitek.
36. Lightly toasted breakfast cereal. Manufactured by the Kellogg's Company. Answers: Special K.
37. Flavoured bread crumb-style coating for chicken and pork. Manufactured by Kraft Foods. Answers: Shake'n Bake.
38. Brand of shampoo. A brand by Clairol. Answers: Herbal Essences.
39. Internet game. Based on twenty questions. Answers: Akinator.
40. Term from the Harry Potter novels. Three powerful magical artefacts. Answers: Deathly Hallows.
41. Comedy duo. Consisting of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Answers: Smosh.
42. Video game series by Nintendo. Make it the most popular action figures of the company to each other. Answers: Super Smash Bros.
43. Manga series. It’s about collecting cards duelling. Answers: Yu-Gi-Oh!.
44. Freemium antivirus computer program. Most used antivirus program worldwide. Answers: Avast!.
45. Online community. Art and Photography offers the opportunity to publish. Answers: DeviantART.
46. Mini figures with a trading card game play aspect. Based primarily on 2-inch mini figures. Answers: Gormiti.

47. Browser game. Ragdoll physics-based characters. Answers: Happy Wheels.
48. Survival horror computer game. Builds on the history of the Internet Slender man. Answers: Slender.
49. Italian Fashion Company. G... A... Answers: Giorgio Armani.
50. French high fashion house established in 1837.today specializing in leather, lifestyle accessories, perfumery, luxury goods, and ready-to-wear. Answers: Hermès.