16 Jan 2014


How to Root Android Devices Simple, Easy And Without Risk (One-Click Root).

Nowadays the Android users have increased tremendously, mostly Android phone has many types that can fulfill the people desire and the price is affordable according to its features. Speaking of Android features, you can gain more features by root your Android device, here I want to share with you how to root Android devices simple, easy and without risk just with one-click.

Actually the rooting process I want to share with you is actually by using a special software named Kingo.

Kingo is a software that has made the rooting process like a piece of cake, what I mean is the process is very easy and don’t have the risk of bricking or damaging your device. Don’t worry about money because this software is totally free of any charges. Kingo can be used to root wide of Smartphone models from big manufacturer such as Google, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Motorola, Sony, LG, Acer, Asus, Huawei, Alcatel and Micromax. Whenever you think rooting is not for you, Kingo Android ROOT can unroot your device back also with just one-click.

What you need before rooting?

  1. Kingo Android ROOT Software Installed on your computer. Download at http://www.kingoapp.com
  2. USB cable for your device
  3. Make sure your device’s battery is more than 50%.
  4. Enable USB Debugging on your device.
1. After you had installed Kingo Android ROOT Software, open the software on your computer.
2. Let Kingo install the needed driver (make sure your computer has an internet connection)
root using kingo 1
3. When Kingo is ready to root your device, click root.root using kingo 2
4. Now Kingo is rooting your device.root using kingo 3
5. You need to wait for few minutes.root using kingo 4
6. Rooting is almost done.root using kingo 5
7. Please wait.root using kingo 6
8. Now your device is rooted, the rooting process is only a few minutes.root using kingo 7