8 Nov 2016


Level 31 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

1. Brand of seasoned tortilla chips. Produced by the North American food company Frito-Lay. Answer: Doritos.
2. Sells electronic consumer products. Since 2011, the company owned by Lenovo. Answer: Medion.
3. Indian beer brand. Beers are brewed by United Breweries Group. Answer: Kingfisher.
4. Australian rock band. Her best-selling album is called back in black. Answer: ACDC.
5. Manufacturer of mineral products. Largest exporter of mineral water in Germany. Answer: Gerolsteiner Brunnen.
6. Mini salami snack. There are 15 different versions of the product. Answer: Bifi.
7. Chinese high-tech enterprise. Known as a manufacturer of tablets. Answer: Hampoo.
8. Building in Washington, D.C.. Office of the president of the United States. Answer: White House.
9. Manufactures of headsets. Subsidiary of GN Netcom. Answer: Jabra.
10. Association in North America. Organized the National League and the League America. Answer: Major League Baseball.
11. Highest league in German football. Exists since 1963. Answer: Bundesliga.
12. Provider of market research. Analyzed mainly in the it sector. Answer: Gartner.
13. Skin and wound protection cream. Form of zinc ointment. Answer: Penaten.
14. Italian Vermouth. Belongs to Campari. Answer: Cinzano.
15. Manufacturer of PC coolers, enclosures and power supplies. Was established in 2013 to accomplishes the future of it and lifestyle products. Answer: RAIJINTEK.
16. Us-based company with headquartered in Taipei. Produces heat sink for computer. Answer: Thermalright.
17. Dutch dairy cooperative. Main brands include Friesche Vlag, Chocomel, Fristi, Dutch Lady. Answer: FrieslandCampina.
18. Public available software. May usually be copied and modified freely. Answer: Open Source.
19. Manufacturer of toys. Europe's leading manufacturer of dolls. Answer: Zapf.
20. Manufacturer of surfing sportswear. Initially produced surfboards. Answer: Rip Curl.
21. Manufacturer of toys. Manufactures, among other construction toys. Answer: Tonka.
22. Universal programming. Regarded as easy language to learn. Answer: Python.
23. Indian conglomerate company. Has also launched Kingfisher Airlines. Answer: United Breweries.
24. Car brand from china. Belongs to the shanghai automotive industry corporation. Answer: Roewe.
25. Branded frozen dessert cone. Manufactured by Unilever. Answer: Cornetto.
26. Food manufacturers from Germany. Manufacturer of potato products. Answer: Pfanni.
27. Worldwide group of companies. Manufacturer of board games. Answer: Ravensburger.
28. International music competition. Is organized annually since 1956 by the EBU. Answer: Eurovision Song Contest.
29. Cream cheese. Belongs to Kraft foods. Answer: Philadelphia.
30. Sandwich restaurant. Sandwich restaurants. Sandwiches prepared in front of the customer. Answer: Subway.
31. Brand of tortilla chips. Produced by Frito-Lay. Answer: Tostitos.
32. Manufacturers of pasta. Also produces olive oil. Answer: Bertolli.
33. Californian rock band. Representatives of the crossover. Answer: Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
34. German manufacturer of leisure furniture and fitness equipment. Also provides bicycles and baby products here. Answer: Kettler.
35. The largest network in the German retail. Owner of the Edeka Group are cooperatives. Answer: Edeka.
36. Manufacturer of snacks made ​​from peanuts. Headquarters in Schwerte in Dortmund. Answer: Ultje.
37. A German technology company. Focus on precious and special metals. Answer: Heraeus.
38. German TV award. Is one of the most prestigious awards for television programs in Germany. Answer: Grimme-Preis.
39. Fitness tracking mobile application. Run by a company with same name. Answer: Endomondo.
40. Brand for cosmetic products. Was founded in 1983. Answer: Axe.
41. An operating system. Part of Linux. Answer: GNU.
42. A home video stage console. Produced by Sony. Answer: Playstation 4.
43. Series of mobile phones. From the manufacturer Nokia. Answer: Nokia Lumia.
44. International manufacturer of paper products. Was founded in 1929. Answer: SCA.
45. Label adopted by political parties. Advocates among others for better data protection. Answer: Pirate Party.
46. Online poker room. Founded in 2001. Answer: Pokerstars.
47. American comic book series. Appears since 1984. Answer: TMNT.
48. A manufacturer of consumer electronics. Founded by Taiwanese James Chu. Answer: Viewsonic.
49. Fashion label for men. Also the name for the recreation facility of the U.S president. Answer: Camp David.
50. Produced snacks. Headquarters in cologne, Germany. Answer: Intersnack.