7 Jul 2013


Level 17 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

1. One of the largest European free social-bookmarking web services. Slogan: "Wong the Web!". Answer: Mister Wong.
2. Highly portable free and open-source media player. Originally developed by students at the École Centrale Paris. Answer: VLC media player.
3. Visual effects company. Produce the special effects for ""Star Wars". Answer: Industrial Light Magic.
4. Multinational corporation headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Operating in robotics and mainly in the power and automation technology. Answer: ABB Group.
5. Singapore-based global company. Best known for its digitized sound and video boards. Answer: Creative.
6. French multinational company. Designs and builds electrical systems for the aerospace and defence. Answer: Thales.

7. One of the oldest airlines in the world. Flag carrier and largest airline of the Russian Federation. Answer: Aeroflot.
8. Italian motorcycle helmet firm. Most notably associated with motorcycle World Champions Valentino Rossi. Answer: AGV.
9. Dutch brewery. Was taken over by Heineken in 1968. Answer: Amstel.
10. Outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturer. Headquartered in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, England. Answer: Berghaus.
11. Alcoholic aperitif. It is a bitters characterized by its dark red color. Answer: Campari.
12. Social-network aggregation. Magazine-format application software for Android and iOS. Answer: Flipboard.
13. Cream liqueur from South Africa. Made with the fruit of the African marula tree. Answer: Amarula.
14. Series of mobile devices using the Android operating system. Produced by Google in cooperation with selected hardware manufacturers. Answer: Google Nexus.
15. German multinational conglomerate company. Largest Europe-based electronics and electrical engineering company. Answer: Siemens.
16. Major US commercial broadcasting television network. Second largest broadcaster in the world behind the BBC. Answer: CBS.
17. French multinational mass media company. Majority owned by American conglomerate General Electric. Answer: Vivendi.
18. Euro-American multinational financial services corporation. First global equities exchange. Answer: NYSE Euronext.
19. French aircraft manufacturer.one of the three largest manufacturers of business jets. Answer: Dassault Aviation.
20. United States multinational conglomerate corporation. Produce more than 55,000 products, including: adhesives and car care products. Answer: 3M.
21. Office suite of desktop applications. Introduced by Microsoft on August 1, 1989. Answer: Microsoft Office.
22. World's largest manufacturer of vertical transportation systems. Principally focusing on elevators and escalators. Answer: Otis.
23. Largest American insurance company. Merged in 2004 with The St. Paul Companies. Answer: Travelers.
24. Media franchise published and owned by Nintendo. The second-most successful video game-based media franchise in the world. Answer: Pokémon.
25. Provider of social game services. Best known for Farmville. Answer: Zynga.
26. Espresso machine/coffee capsule system. A product from Nestlé. Answer: Dolce Gusto.
27. Social networking web site. Combines local reviews and social networking functionality. Answer: Yelp.
28. Brand name for razors. Was founded in London in 1772 by Henry Nock. Answer: Wilkinson Sword.
29. Privately held Spanish company. Best known for its Sherries and brandies. Answer: Osborne.
30. American sporting goods brand. Products are boxing equipment and apparel. Answer: Everlast.
31. A hot sauce. First produced in 1868. Answer: Tabasco.
32. American fast food restaurant chain. Specializes in hamburgers. Answer: Whataburger.
33. International hotel company. Hotels are generally close to city centres. Answer: Ibis.
34. Computer hardware subsidiary of Dell. Specialized in products for gamers. Answer: Alienware.
35. Italian clothing and fashion accessory manufacture. Founded 1948 in Italy. Answer: Diadora.
36. Manufacturer of clothing. Specializing in sportswear. Answer: Champion.
37. Watch company. Official timekeeper for ""The Tour de France". Answer: Festina.
38. American daily newspaper in New York City. Won more than 100 Pulitzer Prizes. Answer: The New York Times.
39. Database management system. Member of the Microsoft Office suite. Answer: MS Access.
40. Manufacturer of motherboards. Currently owned by Pegatron Corporation. Answer: Asrock.
41. Taiwanese electronics company. One of the world's largest motherboard and video card manufacturers. Answer: MSI.
42. Optical disc storage medium. Winner of the ""high definition optical disc format war". Answer: Blu-ray.
43. Taiwan-based manufacturer of computer hardware. Best known for its motherboards. Answer: Gigabyte.
44. Big-box store. Retailer of software, consumer electronics, computer hardware. Answer: Fry's.
45. International corporation based in Japan. Produces motorcycles and the ""Jet Ski". Answer: Kawasaki.
46. Predominant mobile phone operator in Japan. Name is officially an abbreviation of the phrase, ""do communications over the mobile network". Answer: NTT DoCoMo.
47. A 5% abv American-style lager. One of the highest selling beers in the United States. Answer: Budweiser.
48. Cable and satellite television news channel. Owned by News Corporation. Answer: Fox News.
49. Brand name used for certain pressure sensitive tapes. Manufactured by 3M. Answer: Scotch.
50. Discovery engine that finds and recommends web content. Allow users to discover and rate Web pages. Answer: StumbleUpon