30 Jan 2013


DOOORS - Room Escape Game Walkthroughs Level 31 - 35

This is DOOORS Room Escape Game Walkthrough For Level 31 to Level 35

Level 31

Rotate your device 180 degrees downward,
wait until all the lights turn green.

Level 32

Rotate your device to the right until the rock step on the red button.
Activate your torch.
Tap at the Bees.
Tap the door.

Level 33

Activate your machete.
Swipe the cord on right side.
Swipe the door: right 1 time, left 4 times, right 2 times.

Level 34

SolutionRotate your device 360 degrees 2 times to the left until all the lights turn green.
*Rotate your device according to the clock above the door.
Tap the door.

Level 35

Tap the brick according to the number of characters of each color on the wall - activate torch and tap the two candles on left and right. The color's name will reveal.
Yellow - 6 bricks or tap 5 times
Blue - 4 bricks or tap 3 times
White - 5 bricks or tap 4 times
Orange - 6 bricks or tap 5 times