30 Jan 2013


DOOORS - Room Escape Game Walkthroughs Level 56 - 60

This is DOOORS Room Escape Game Walkthrough For Level 56 to Level 60

Level 56

Select hammer.
Tap the man pop up from the hole.
*Prevent from miss the hit or the green light will turns red again.
Until the all lights turn green tap on the door.

Level 57

Select fire.
Tap brown grass to set it on fire.
Tap revolver and then select it.
Tap grey metal on top of wood plank 3 times
Deselect the revolver
Tap the plank
Tap the door.

Level 58

Tap the dot, follow as in this video.

Level 59

Select the revolver ( gun )
Tap on the brown cord above the target board.
Deselect the gun.
Rotate your device clockwise until all the lights turn green.
Tap on the door.

Level 60

Swipe all the ballons aside.
Select the hammer.
Tap the peg starting from the left: 0, 1, 2, 1, 1, 0 ( times ).
Select the gun.
Tap both metal bracket on the door until its break.
Deselect the gun.
Tap the door.