16 Dec 2012


Bridge Constructor Full Walkthroughs

Bridge Constructor
Bridge Constructor is a very challenging game that need you to build a strong bridge. This game is very good to increase your logic and creative thinking. The game will provide you certain materials for you to build a bridge that will hold two trucks or cars, if your bridge is strong enough the trucks and cars will passed the bridge succesfully. You can get this game from Google Play.
Very good game for children to increase their thinking ability and also for adults.
Bridge Construction Walkthrough
In this post I included the Bridge Construction walkthrough for Android gadgets as a guide for you to complete each level. I hope this post will help you as much as possible for you. Here the Bridge Construction Walkthrough in images for clearer view. Bridge Construction Walkthrough just as a guide, if possible you complete the bridge by your own. Smile

Westlands Bridge Constructor Walkthrough
Central Mainland
Central Mainland Bridge Constructor Walkthrough
Central Mainland
The Ridge Bridge Constructor Walkthrough
The Ridge
Eastern Westland Bridge Constructor Walkthrough
Eastern Westland
Tamassee Bridge Constructor Walkthrough