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21 Feb 2014

Level 34 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

>>Level 34 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Images<<

1. Worldwide conglomerate. Started as a furniture industry. Answer: Steinhoff.

2. Largest sausage manufacturer in the world. Advertising jingle was part of the American popular culture. Answer: Oscar Mayer.

3. Salad dressing spread. Manufactured by Kraft Foods. Answer: Miracle Whip.

4. Brand of beverage cartons. Brand Name applicable in Germany as a synonym for beverage cartons. Answer: Tetra Pak.

5. Swedish brand name for chocolate products. Manufactured by Kraft Foods. Answer: Marabou.

6. Crisp bread. Brand Name of Barilla. Answer: Wasa.

7. Brand of Kraft Foods. Establishes gelatinous desserts. Answer: Jell-O.

8. American Investment and holding companies. Invested since its inception more than $ 14 billion. Answer: APOLLO.

9. Global manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products. One of the largest plastics packaging producers in the world. Answer: Berry Plastic.

10. Independent game developer. Known for computer games in the adventure and survival horror genre. Answer: Frictional Games.

11. Internationally operating franchise real estate companies. Offer includes services related to real estate transactions. Answer: Century 21 Real Estate.

12. British brown sauce. Is made from the pods of the tamarind tree. Answer: HP Sauce.

13. Fruit juice drink non-carbonated. Is sold in stand-up bags of 200 ml with drinking straw. Answer: Capri-Sun.

14. Multimedia news and review site. Include GameSpy and GIGA. Answer: IGN.

15. Venture-funded start up and Transportation Network Company. Makes a mobile application that connects passengers with drivers. Answer: Uber.

16. World leader in the field of IT media. Published worldwide over 200 newspapers and magazines. Answer: International Data Group.

17. Extensive range of nonfiction in paperback format. Conveys complex issues to inexperienced readers. Answer: For Dummies.

18. Microsoft's first operating system. Used for applications using the access to the hardware require. Answer: MS-DOS.

19. International active publisher. Focuses on scientific, technical, and medical books. Answer: Wiley-Blackwell.

20. Space flight simulation with combat and trading elements. Developed by the company's Cloud Imperium Games. Answer: Star Citizen.

21. Computer game series by Origin Systems. If the survival of mankind in the 27th century. Answer: Wing Commander.

22. Industrially produced Würzsauce. Today's manufacturer is Kraft Foods. Answer: A1 Steak Sauce.

23. Game engine. Developed by Crytek. Answer: CryEngine.

24. German game development company. One of the largest German companies in the computer games industry. Answer: Crytek.

25. Communication system for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Created by Nintendo. Answer: Miiverse.

26. Puzzle-like computer game. Appeared for almost any electronic computing system. Answer: Tetris.

27. Stationary video game console. Manufactured by the company Nintendo. Answer: Wii U.

28. Free program to optimize your computer. Program removes mainly unused and temporary files. Answer: CCleaner.

29. Manufacturer of products for the separation of substances. Formerly known as AB Separator. Answer: Alfa Laval.

30. Computer component manufacturer. The name is a corruption of the word “next.” Answer: NZXT.

31. American manufacturer of mobile phones. Owned by Google. Answer: Motorola Mobility.

32. American television series created by Vince Gilligan. Shows the conversion of a chemistry teacher with cancer to a criminal. Answer: Breaking Bad.

33. U.S. TV station. Shows mainly distinguished Movies. Answer: AMC.

34. Japanese company that manufactures power tools. The range includes petrol, electric, cordless, and pneumatic tools. Answer: Makita.

35. German companies in the tourism industry. Abbreviation for Hotel Reservation Service Robert Ragge GmbH. Answer: HRS.

36. Series of platform video games created by Nintendo. Character is a plumber. Answer: Super Mario.

37. Survival horror computer game. Developed by Frictional Games. Answer: Amnesia.

38. American television series. Men of Madison Avenue. Answer: Mad Men.

39. Swedish company. Specialising in outdoor equipment. Answer: Fjällräven.

40. Swedish-Danish dairy cooperative. Worldwide, the fourth largest dairy. Answer: Arla Foods.

41. Scandinavian airline. Member of the airline alliance Star Alliance. Answer: SAS Scandinavian Airlines.

42. Web storage application. Product of Amazon. Answer: Amazon Cloud Drive.

43. Smartwatch mit E-Paper-Display. Was funded via the crowd funding platform Kickstarter. Answer: Pebble.

44. Manufacturer of PC cases, power supplies, and cooling solutions. Slogan: COOL all YOUR LIFE. Answer: Thermaltake.

45. Unix-like computer operating system. Widely known for the developers' insistence on open-source code. Answer: OpenBSD.

46. Professional organization for computer graphics. Computer Graphics is the quarterly periodical publication. Answer: ACM SIGGRAPH.

47. American manufacturer of digital media products. was acquired by Micron Technology in 2006. Answer: Lexar.

48. French cookware and small appliance manufacturer. Owned by Groupe SEB. Answer: Tefal.

49. Open source computer operating system. Intended to be binary compatible with applications made for Microsoft Windows. Answer: ReactOS.

50. Large French consortium. Produces small appliances. Answer: Groupe SEB.

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10 Jan 2014

Level 33 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

>>Level 33 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Images<<

1. Watch factory in Le Locle. Named after the highest point in the universe. Answers: Zenith

2. Italian Restaurant and Retail Company. Focus highways and airports. Answers: Autogrill.

3. Australian fast food restaurant chain. Specializes in the sale of fried chicken and chicken meat products. Answers: Red Rooster.

4. Oldest hamburger restaurant chain in the United States. Known for its square mini burgers. Answers: White Castle.

5. British newspaper. Political liberal position. Answers: The Guardian.

6. American fast-food chain. Focused on hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries. Answers: Five Guys.

7. German franchise business. Provides pizza and pasta. Answers: Hallo Pizza.

8. Manufacturer of exclusive leather goods. Also sells watches, jewellery, and perfume. Answers: Etienne Aigner.

9. Swiss shoe manufacturer. Belongs to the Labelux Group. Answers: Bally.

10. American food manufacturers. was one of the world's largest producers of grain. Answers: Pillsbury Company.

11. Italian fashion brand. Gianni Versace was working here as a designer. Answers: Byblos.

12. Brand Name of coloured chocolate beans. Belongs to Nestlé. Answers: Smarties.

13. Ointment-like mixture of petroleum. Medium against chapped lips and chapped hands. Answers: Vaseline.

14. The brand name for frustoconical chocolate. Belongs to Nestlé. Answers: Rolo.

15. US-based Food Company. Belongs to PepsiCo. Answers: Quaker Oats.

16. Brand of cat food. Belongs to Mars Incorporated. Answers: Whiskas.

17. A theme park at Walt Disney World Resort. Landmark is the attraction Spaceship Earth. Answers: Epcot.

18. Consumer Electronics Company. Main product is the Multi-Room Music System. Answers: Sonos.

19. Internationally known Fashion Company. Purveyor to the British Royal Family. Answers: Pringle of Scotland.

20. A manufacturer of recreational and outdoor articles. Means "buffalo" in the language of the Sioux. Answers: TATONKA.

21. A Swedish company. Manufacturers of kitchen appliances. Answers: Electrolux.

22. A German manufacturer of entertainment and communication technology. Known for his television. Answers: Loewe.

23. Industry Association of German information and telecommunications industry. Answers: BITKOM.

24. Collaborative file sharing protocol. Suitable for the rapid deployment of large data sets. Answers: BitTorrent.

25. Manufacturers of consumer electronics. Mainly produce televisions and surround sound systems. Answers: Zenith Electronics Corporation.

26. A New Zealand company in the dairy industry. Largest companies in the country. Answers: Fonterra.

27. Largest Chilean Telecommunications Company. is best known for the 127 meter high Torre Entel. Answers: Entel Chile.

28. Brand of soap. Marketed originally by Lever Brothers in England. Answers: Lifebuoy.

29. American Footwear Company. Division of the Deckers Outdoor Corporation. Answers: UGG Boots.

30. Manufacturer of outdoor footwear. Known for its (Sports) Sandals. Answers: Teva.

31. Water Technology Company. Market leader in this segment in Europe. Answers: BWT AG.

32. Computer game development company. Since 2006 belongs to EA. Answers: Dice.

33. Music video and entertainment Internet site. Owned and operated by Universal, Sony, and Google. Answers: VEVO.

34. Global provider of interactive entertainment products. Develops also flight simulation software. Answers: Mad Catz.

35. Develops and produces electronic equipment. Original developer of chess computers. Answers: Saitek.

36. Lightly toasted breakfast cereal. Manufactured by the Kellogg's Company. Answers: Special K.

37. Flavoured bread crumb-style coating for chicken and pork. Manufactured by Kraft Foods. Answers: Shake'n Bake.

38. Brand of shampoo. A brand by Clairol. Answers: Herbal Essences.

39. Internet game. Based on twenty questions. Answers: Akinator.

40. Term from the Harry Potter novels. Three powerful magical artefacts. Answers: Deathly Hallows.

41. Comedy duo. Consisting of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Answers: Smosh.

42. Video game series by Nintendo. Make it the most popular action figures of the company to each other. Answers: Super Smash Bros.

43. Manga series. It’s about collecting cards duelling. Answers: Yu-Gi-Oh!.

44. Freemium antivirus computer program. Most used antivirus program worldwide. Answers: Avast!.

45. Online community. Art and Photography offers the opportunity to publish. Answers: DeviantART.

46. Mini figures with a trading card game play aspect. Based primarily on 2-inch mini figures. Answers: Gormiti.

47. Browser game. Ragdoll physics-based characters. Answers: Happy Wheels.

48. Survival horror computer game. Builds on the history of the Internet Slender man. Answers: Slender.

49. Italian Fashion Company. G... A... Answers: Giorgio Armani.

50. French high fashion house established in specializing in leather, lifestyle accessories, perfumery, luxury goods, and ready-to-wear. Answers: Hermès.

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3 Nov 2013

Level 32 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers

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Level 32 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

>>Level 32 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Images<<

1. Network for anonymizing data connection. Usable for web browsing, instant messaging, and IRC. Answers: The Onion Routing.

2. Coconut-based hair products. Manufactured by Marico. Answers: Parachute.

3. World's largest mobile operator. Formerly known as China Telecom. Answers: China Mobile.

4. Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Developed a firmware called MIUI for smartphones. Answers: Xiaomi.

5. Global company focused on brands and media. Second largest market research organization. Answers: Millward Brown.

6. Game Bundles. Price shall be fixed by the Pay-What-You-Want-principle. Answers: Humble Bundle.

7. British supermarket chain. Second largest market share in the UK market. Answers: ASDA.

8. Soft drink manufacturer. Answers: Rubicon.

9. Indian consumer goods Company. Produced Hair Oils, Skin Care, and Edible Oil. Answers: Marico.

10. Brand Name of server and workstation processors. Belongs to the company Intel. Answers: Xeon.

11. Computer Hardware Company. Mainly produced graphic cards. Answers: Zotac.

12. Pakistani producer of spice mixes. Produced a brand called Shoop Noodles. Answers: Shan Food.

13. South Korean car manufacturer. KIA is a subsidiary. Answers: Hyundai.

14. India's largest snacks manufacturers. Produced frozen food, cookies, and chips. Answers: Haldirams.

15. Leading Japanese telecommunications and Media Corporation. Divisions are broadband television and wire line telecommunications. Answers: Softbank.

16. Was one of the largest electronic companies. Featured Products for Electrical Power Engineering. Answers: AEG.

17. Technology Company. Mainly manufactures memory elements for computers. Answers: Micron.

18. A Taiwanese manufacturer of enclosures and power supplies. One of the largest manufacturers of aluminium cases in Taiwan. Answers: Lian Li.

19. Largest South Korean conglomerate. World’s largest companies in terms of revenue. Answers: Samsung.

20. International Fashion Company. Provides Luxury leather handbags and shoes ago. Answers: Prada.

21. Exclusive jewellery and Watch Company. Part of the luxury goods group Richemont. Answers: Cartier.

22. Famous Italian fashion brand. Sells clothes and accessories in the upper price segment. Answers: Gucci.

23. Canada's third largest bank. Formerly called Bank of Nova Scotia. Answers: Scotiabank.

24. Japanese company. Casual wear designer. Answers: Uniqlo.

25. Chinese liquor. Made of millet and wheat. Answers: Kweichow Moutai.

26. Chilean department store retailer. Is a multi-channel retailer. Answers: Falabella.

27. Manufacturer and marketer of beauty products. Leader in Brazil. Answers: Natura.

28. Retail companies in the UK. Usually consists of department stores in downtown locations. Answers: Marks & Spencer.

29. China's leading leisure clothing company. Corporate slogan is "Be Different". Answers: Metersbonwe.

30. Cosmetics Company in New York City. Presented a bath oil called Youth Dew. Answers: Estée Lauder.

31. Retail enterprises from the United States. Distributor of apparel and accessories. Answers: Kohls.

32. Global IT companies. Comes from India. Answers: Infosys.

33. Indian airlines. India's largest airline. Answers: Air India.

34. Chilean home improvement warehouse store chain. Owned and operated by Falabella. Answers: Sodimac.

35. Performance based mobile ad network. Specializes in advertising for smartphones. Answers: InMobi.

36. Producer from confectionery. Manufacturer of Chocolate Bars Wonderful and Caramello. Answers: Cadbury.

37. Mobile phone brand in Japan. Marketed by KDDI Corporation. Answers: Au.

38. Internet sales portal for iOS programs. Based on the iTunes store. Answers: App Store.

39. British newspaper. One of the best-selling British newspapers. Answers: Daily Telegraph.

40. C++ class library. Available for programming graphical user interfaces. Answers: Qt.

41. Hosting service for software development projects. Used the version control system Git. Answers: GitHub.

42. Action-based video game. Developed by Rockstar North. Answers: GTA V.

43. German association of hackers. Calls for a new global human right, clear communication. Answers: Chaos Computer Club.

44. American Internet platform. Is used to finance projects through crowd funding. Answers: Answers: Kickstarter.

45. Family of tablet PCs. part of the Microsoft Company. Answers: Surface.

46. Firmware for mobile phones and tablets. Descendant of Android. Answers: CyanogenMod.

47. Relational database management system. Basis for many dynamic websites. Answers: MySQL.

48. German sporting goods manufacturer. Second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Answers: Adidas.

49. Web search engine from Microsoft. Advertised as a "decision engine”. Answers: Bing.

50. American Software Company. Specialist for Virtualization. Answers: VMware.

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27 Aug 2013

Level 31 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

1. Brand of seasoned tortilla chips. Produced by the North American food company Frito-Lay. Answer: Doritos.

2. Sells electronic consumer products. Since 2011, the company owned by Lenovo. Answer: Medion.

3. Indian beer brand. Beers are brewed by United Breweries Group. Answer: Kingfisher.

4. Australian rock band. Her best-selling album is called back in black. Answer: ACDC.

5. Manufacturer of mineral products. Largest exporter of mineral water in Germany. Answer: Gerolsteiner Brunnen.

6. Mini salami snack. There are 15 different versions of the product. Answer: Bifi.

7. Chinese high-tech enterprise. Known as a manufacturer of tablets. Answer: Hampoo.

8. Building in Washington, D.C.. Office of the president of the United States. Answer: White House.

9. Manufactures of headsets. Subsidiary of GN Netcom. Answer: Jabra.

10. Association in North America. Organized the National League and the League America. Answer: Major League Baseball.

11. Highest league in German football. Exists since 1963. Answer: Bundesliga.

12. Provider of market research. Analyzed mainly in the it sector. Answer: Gartner.

13. Skin and wound protection cream. Form of zinc ointment. Answer: Penaten.

14. Italian Vermouth. Belongs to Campari. Answer: Cinzano.

15. Manufacturer of PC coolers, enclosures and power supplies. Was established in 2013 to accomplishes the future of it and lifestyle products. Answer: RAIJINTEK.

16. Us-based company with headquartered in Taipei. Produces heat sink for computer. Answer: Thermalright.

17. Dutch dairy cooperative. Main brands include Friesche Vlag, Chocomel, Fristi, Dutch Lady. Answer: FrieslandCampina.

18. Public available software. May usually be copied and modified freely. Answer: Open Source.

19. Manufacturer of toys. Europe's leading manufacturer of dolls. Answer: Zapf.

20. Manufacturer of surfing sportswear. Initially produced surfboards. Answer: Rip Curl.

21. Manufacturer of toys. Manufactures, among other construction toys. Answer: Tonka.

22. Universal programming. Regarded as easy language to learn. Answer: Python.

23. Indian conglomerate company. Has also launched Kingfisher Airlines. Answer: United Breweries.

24. Car brand from china. Belongs to the shanghai automotive industry corporation. Answer: Roewe.

25. Branded frozen dessert cone. Manufactured by Unilever. Answer: Cornetto.

26. Food manufacturers from Germany. Manufacturer of potato products. Answer: Pfanni.

27. Worldwide group of companies. Manufacturer of board games. Answer: Ravensburger.

28. International music competition. Is organized annually since 1956 by the EBU. Answer: Eurovision Song Contest.

29. Cream cheese. Belongs to Kraft foods. Answer: Philadelphia.

30. Sandwich restaurant. Sandwich restaurants. Sandwiches prepared in front of the customer. Answer: Subway.

31. Brand of tortilla chips. Produced by Frito-Lay. Answer: Tostitos.

32. Manufacturers of pasta. Also produces olive oil. Answer: Bertolli.

33. Californian rock band. Representatives of the crossover. Answer: Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

34. German manufacturer of leisure furniture and fitness equipment. Also provides bicycles and baby products here. Answer: Kettler.

35. The largest network in the German retail. Owner of the Edeka Group are cooperatives. Answer: Edeka.

36. Manufacturer of snacks made ​​from peanuts. Headquarters in Schwerte in Dortmund. Answer: Ultje.

37. A German technology company. Focus on precious and special metals. Answer: Heraeus.

38. German TV award. Is one of the most prestigious awards for television programs in Germany. Answer: Grimme-Preis.

39. Fitness tracking mobile application. Run by a company with same name. Answer: Endomondo.

40. Brand for cosmetic products. Was founded in 1983. Answer: Axe.

41. An operating system. Part of Linux. Answer: GNU.

42. A home video stage console. Produced by Sony. Answer: Playstation 4.

43. Series of mobile phones. From the manufacturer Nokia. Answer: Nokia Lumia.

44. International manufacturer of paper products. Was founded in 1929. Answer: SCA.

45. Label adopted by political parties. Advocates among others for better data protection. Answer: Pirate Party.

46. Online poker room. Founded in 2001. Answer: Pokerstars.

47. American comic book series. Appears since 1984. Answer: TMNT.

48. A manufacturer of consumer electronics. Founded by Taiwanese James Chu. Answer: Viewsonic.

49. Fashion label for men. Also the name for the recreation facility of the U.S president. Answer: Camp David.

50. Produced snacks. Headquarters in cologne, Germany. Answer: Intersnack.

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Level 31 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers

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14 Aug 2013

Level 30 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers

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Level 30 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

>>symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers Level 30 By Images<<

1. Confectionery product. Belongs to the Italian company Ferrero. Answer: Kinder Chocolate.

2. Product line of e-book readers. By the company amazon. Answer: Amazon Kindle.

3. Cereal bar. Produced since 1984. Answer: Corny.

4. Modeling compound. Invented by Joseph McVicker and Bill Rhodenbaugh. Answer: PlayDoh.

5. Luxury hotel in Las Vegas. One of the largest hotels in the world. Answer: Bellagio.

6. Telecommunications company. Was founded in 1947. Answer: Telmex.

7. American film production company. Was founded in 1979. Answer: Miramax.

8. International debit card service. Operated by MasterCard. Answer: Maestro Card.

9. Waterproof and shockproof video camera. From the company woodman labs. Answer: GoPro.

10. Portable game console. Has two lC displays. Answer: Nintendo DS.

11. Oldest tennis tournament in the world. Was founded in 1877. Answer: Wimbledon.

12. American global diversified power management company. Leading provider of electrical components and systems for power quality. Answer: Eaton.

13. Luxury fashion company. Provides women's tops and accessories. Answer: Escada.

14. Multinational microelectronics company. Specialises in signal processing and mixed-signal chips. Answer: Wolfson.

15. One of the world's largest supplier of EDA software. Specializes in the design and verification of chips. Answer: Cadence.

16. High-speed serial computer expansion bus standard. Successor to AGP. Answer: PCI Express.

17. Was a manufacturer of computer components. Core product line were motherboards. Answer: Abit.

18. One of the largest and oldest markets in Europe. Current premises are situated in paternoster square. Answer: London Stock Exchange.

19. Was a manufacturer of PDAs. Was acquired by Hewlett-Packard 2010. Answer: Palm.

20. Was a global dairy company. Still used as brand for dairy products. Answer: Campina.

21. Manufacturer of ram and flash memories. Produces SSDS and power supplies. Answer: OCZ Technology.

22. Taiwanese electronics company. Produces optical drives. Answer: Lite-On.

23. Technology company. Provides mainly storage elements. Answer: Micron Technology.

24. Developed retrofit computer products. Primary focus on cooling enhancement. Answer: Zalman.

25. Music identification service. Mobile phone based music identification. Answer: Shazam.

26. A hardware manufacturers. Manufacturer of flash memory cards. Answer: PNY.

27. Manufacturer of pianos. Founded by henry e. Steinway. Answer: Steinway & Sons.

28. British racing team. Since the 1970s, active in formula 1. Answer: Williams F1.

29. Was a car brand. Belonged to general motors. Answer: Saturn.

30. Fruit-flavoured drink. Brought by Coca-Cola on the market. Answer: Fruitopia.

31. File sharing client. For edonkey2000-network. Answer: EMule.

32. Seafood restaurant chain. Inspired by the movie Forrest Gump. Answer: Bubba Gump.

33. Two concepts of Chinese philosophy. Means body and mind. Answer: Yin & Yang.

34. American fashion brand. Belongs to limited brands. Answer: Victorias Secret.

35. Online music platform. Used to exchange audio files. Answer: SoundCloud.

36. Chinese car manufacturer. Build your dreams. Answer: BYD.

37. US-based oil and gas company. Operates petrol stations worldwide. Answer: Phillips 66.

38. Gas company. Provides the official fuel of Nascar. Answer: Sunoco.

39. U.S company. Operates among others in the fields of petroleum and chemical production. Answer: Koch.

40. American retail chain. Drug retailing company. Answer: CVS .

41. U.S retailers. Operates about 1,100 stores in the U.S. Answer: JC Penney .

42. International group based in Morristown. Was founded by Albert Butz. Answer: Honeywell .

43. American retail chain. Sells pharmaceutical products. Answer: Walgreens.

44. U.S company. Produces and processes natural gas. Williams.

45. International company. Produces oil and natural gas. Answer: OXY.

46. Swiss motorsport team. Formula 1 team. Answer: Sauber Motorsport.

47. Trademark for schedule-ring binders. Organisers are traditionally leather bound. Answer: Filofax.

48. Mp3-player. Developed by Microsoft. Answer: Zune.

49. Russian car manufacturer. First sports cars to be made in Russia. Answer: Marrusia Motors.

50. Automotive brand. From Malaysia. Answer: Proton.

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11 Jul 2013

Level 29 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

>>symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers Level 29 By Images<<

1. Consulting engineering group with worldwide operations. Involved in many international large scale projects. Answer: Ramboll.

2. Spherical coconut-almond. Filled with a white milk cream and white blanched almonds. Answer: Raffaello.

3. Confectionery manufacturer. One of the oldest chocolate companies in the United States. Answer: Hershey.

4. Produced snacks. Headquarters in Köln. Answer: Intersnack.

5. Manufacturer of coffee machines. From the company Bosch. Answer: Tassimo.

6. International food group. Headquarters in Northfield. Answer: Mondelēz.

7. An energy companies in the people's republic of china. CSG shares with the entire energy supply network of china. Answer: State Grid Corporation.

8. German multinational travel and tourism company. Headquarters in Hannover. Answer: Tui.

9. Selling shoes online. Headquarters in Berlin. Answer: Zalando.

10. German internet companies. Headquarters in Berlin. Answer: Rocket Internet.

11. Created by George Lucas. Is about the battle between good and evil. Answer: Star Wars.

12. Fictional main character from the eponymous adventure film series. In all the films starring Harrison Ford. Answer: Indiana Jones.

13. American vodka brand. The brand belongs to gruppo campari. Answer: Skyy Vodka

14. Second largest bank in Germany. Headquarters in Frankfurt. Answer: Commerzbank.

15. British multinational defense company. 2010, the second largest defense company in the world. Answer: BAE Systems.

16. Europe's leading provider of advertising-financed private television. Headquarters in Luxembourg. Answer: RTL Group.

17. French consumer goods company. Largest cosmetics company in the world. Answer: L’Oréal.

18. World's third largest semiconductor manufacturer. Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Answer: TSMC.

19. Classified as top secret. Monitoring and evaluation of electronic media. Answer: PRISM.

20. Name of a portable computer. Originated by IBM. Answer: ThinkPad.

21. A British government agency. Deals with cryptography, data transfer and communications intelligence. Answer: GCHQ.

22. Intelligence service of the United States. Among other things, responsible for the global monitoring. Answer: NSA.

23. A game console, which is based on Android. Julie Uhrman up the project life. Answer: Ouya.

24. A virtual currency. Introduced in 2009. Answer: Bitcoin.

25. A search engine. Objective of search engine privacy of users. Answer: DuckDuckGo.

26. Brand name AMD. Marketed graphics cards and graphics chips. Answer: Radeon.

27. Developed by Westwood studios computer game series. From the genre of real time strategy games. Answer: Command & Conquer.

28. Natural gas supply, electricity supply and telecommunications companies. Answer: Scottish and Southern Energy.

29. A retail company from the United Kingdom. Headquarters in Bradford, England. Answer: Wm Morrison.

30. A retailer with an international focus. The company was founded in 1982. Answer: Kingfisher.

31. Is a British corporation. Main fields of activity are the aerospace and automotive. Answer: GKN.

32. A listed tourism group. Headquarters in London. Answer: Thomas Cook.

33. Formerly known as American home products. Subsidiary of Pfizer. Answer: Wyeth.

34. U.S. mining company. Formerly known as Freeport sulphur. Answer: Freeport-McMoRan.

35. An American manufacturer armor technology for ships. Based in Los Angeles, California. Answer: Northrop Grumman.

36. One of the 100 largest non-listed companies. Based in Columbia. Answer: U.S. Foodservice.

37. A German wholesale company. In the main petrol station shops are operated. Answer: Lekkerland.

38. A German listed building materials group. Based in Heidelberg. Answer: HeidelbergCement.

39. A publicly traded construction and services group. International markets. Answer: Bilfinger.

40. A specialty chemicals group. Based in Leverkusen. Answer: Lanxess.

41. An international space agency. Based in Paris. Answer: ESA.

42. Established by the convention on international civil aviation. Headquartered in Montreal (Canada). Answer: ICAO.

43. Subsidiary of EADS. Dedicated to providing civil and defense space systems. Answer: Astrium.

44. A German medical technology companies. Based in bad homburg. Answer: Fresenius.

45. French wine and spirits group. Emerged from the Pernod and Richard. Answer: Pernod Ricard.

46. A French hotel company. Founded by Paul Dubrule and Gerard Pélisson. Answer: Accor.

47. A French listed, diversified. Created in 2005. Answer: Safran.

48. A low cost airline. From Sharjah. Answer: Air Arabia.

49. A company from the United Arab Emirates. Based in Abu Dhabi. Answer: ADNOC.

50. One of the major commercial banks of France. One of the three oldest commercial banks. Answer: Societe Generale.

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Level 28 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

>>symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers Level 28 By Images<<

1. German fresh casual restaurant chain. Offering Italian food. Answer: Vapiano.

2. Italian manufacturer of sports cars and carbon fibre. Company was founded in 1992. Answer: Pagani.

3. Company headquartered in Modena, Italy. Produces books, comics, magazines, stickers, trading cards. Answer: Panini.

4. DIY retailer in Europe. Third largest in the world, behind The Home Depot and Lowe's. Answer: Obi.

5. Fashion Label. Garments are characterized by colorful tattoo designs. Answer: Ed Hardy.

6. German DIY-store chain. Offering home improvement and do-it-yourself goods. Answer: Hornbach.

7. Cola soft drink produced in Germany. Was once one of the most popular cola brands in Germany. Answer: Afri-Cola.

8. One of Germany's leading service corporations. Based in Frankfurt am Main and employed about 39,000 people. Answer: WISAG.

9. German logistics company. Specializes in the delivery of parcels to private. Answer: Hermes.

10. Germany-based manufacturer of commercial buses and touring coaches. Has been a subsidiary of Daimler AG since 1995. Answer: Setra.

11. Was a bus manufacturer based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Was acquired by Daimler in July 2000. Answer: Orion.

12. Largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe. Company's headquarters are in Moscow. Answer: Sberbank.

13. American private equity firm. Firm is based in New York City, and run by financier Steve Feinberg. Answer: Cerberus.

14. Orange soft drink. Produced by the same company, which produces Afri-Cola. Answer: Bluna.

15. Free and open source web content management framework. Among the most popular content management systems worldwide. Answer: TYPO3.

16. Object-relational database management system. Free and open source software. Answer: PostgreSQL.

17. One of the four largest financial institutions in Australia. 17th largest bank in the world. Answer: NAB.

18. European private equity firm. Have made nearly 200 private equity investments. Answer: Permira.

19. American multinational private equity firm. Specializing in leveraged buyouts. Answer: KKR.

20. American multinational conglomerate holding company. Is known for its control by investor Warren Buffett. Answer: Berkshire Hathaway.

21. Largest general-interest trade book publisher in the world. Owned by the German media corporation Bertelsmann. Answer: Random House.

22. American media company. Publishes books on computer technology topics. Answer: O'Reilly.

23. Primary provider of natural gas to the main cities of Tokyo. Largest natural gas utility in Japan. Answer: Tokyo Gas.

24. American direct broadcast satellite service provider. Primary competitors are Dish Network and cable television providers. Answer: DirecTV.

25. Swedish power company. Orgiginal name was "Royal Waterfall Board". Answer: Vattenfall.

26. American insurance company. The largest global providers of insurance and annuities. Answer: MetLife.

27. U.S. based oil refining, marketing, and pipeline transport company. Began in 1887 as Ohio Oil Company. Answer: Marathon Petroleum.

28. Major American defense contractor. World's largest producer of guided missiles. Answer: Raytheon.

29. American global pharmaceutical company. Was the first company to mass-produce penicillin. Answer: Lilly.

30. Canadian energy company. Controlled by Hutchison Whampoa. Answer: Husky Energy.

31. International financial services company. Known primarily as a life insurance company. Answer: Sun Life.

32. Indian state-owned oil and gas corporation. Largest public corporation in India. Answer: IndianOil.

33. German manufacturer of confectionery. Inspired by the Nordic Trolls. Answer: Trolli.

34. German confectionery company. Is mainly licorice and fruit gums ago. Answer: Katjes.

35. Internationally operating logistics and freight transport companies. 200 locations in 18 countries in Europe and the Far East. Answer: Fiege.

36. Taiwan-based manufacturer of electronic hardware. Largest manufacturer of notebook computers in the world. Answer: Quanta.

37. American multinational corporation. Operates in the food industry. Answer: Tyson.

38. Investment holding company based in Hong Kong. Largest companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock. Answer: Hutchison Whampoa.

39. Government-sponsored enterprise. Corporation's purpose is to expand the secondary mortgage market. Answer: Fannie Mae.

40. Japanese state-owned conglomerate corporation. Operates post stations, banks, and insurance business. Answer: Japan Post.

41. Italian-based investment company. Controlled by the Agnelli family. Answer: Exor.

42. Large American-based integrated oil company. Explores, produces, transports, and refines crude oil. Answer: Hess.

43. Indian conglomerate company. One of the largest publicly traded companies in India. Answer: Reliance.

44. Public government-sponsored enterprise. Industry: Financial services. Answer: Freddie Mac.

45. Largest book retailer in the United States. Operating mainly through its chain of bookstores. Answer: Barnes & Noble.

46. Free and open e-book standard. By the International Digital Publishing Forum. Answer: ePUB.

47. Switzerland's largest retailing company. Call "the orange giant". Answer: Migros.

48. Largest fitness center chain in Germany. Was the main sponsor of the Love Parade. Answer: McFit.

49. Membership-only warehouse club. Seventh largest retailer in the world. Answer: Costco Wholesale.

50. Largest Brazilian multinational food processing company. World's largest company in the beef sector. Answer: JBS.

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Level 27 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

>>symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers Level 27 By Images<<

1. American chain of retail stores. Sells pet supplies and services as well as live animals. Answer: Petco.

2. Energy holding company in Poland. Owns power and heat generation and distribution, and coal mining assets. Answer: Tauron.

3. One of New Zealand's largest banks. Today operated as a subsidiary of National Australia Bank. Answer: Bank of New Zealand @ BNZ.

4. Largest listed company in New Zealand. Australasia's largest building materials supplier. Answer: Fletcher Building.

5. Multinational financial-services provider. One of the Australian "big four" banks. Answer: Westpac.

6. Singaporean electronics manufacturing services provider.offers services to original equipment manufacturers. Answer: Flextronics.

7. Ukrainian cargo airline. Its main base is Gostomel Airport near Kiev. Answer: Antonov.

8. Inventor and manufacturer of resurfacers for ice rinks. Synonym for resurfacers and related machinery. Answer: Zamboni.

9. Assembly based in Wals near Salzburg. Second largest construction group in Austria. Answer: Alpine.

10. Australian and New Zealand media company. Divisions include publishing, broadcast radio and outdoor advertising. Answer: APN.

11. Series of fighting games. Initially released on arcade machines. Answer: Mortal Kombat.

12. Brand of sugarless chewing gum. From the Wrigley Company. Wrigley Jr. Company. Answer: Orbit.

13. American news satire organization. Entertainment newspaper and a website featuring satirical articles. Answer: The Onion.

14. Motion-sensing game controller platform. First released for the PS3 video game console. Answer: PlayStation Move.

15. American retailer. Country's largest grocery store chain. Answer: Kroger.

16. Mexican coffee-flavored rum-based liqueur. Is used to make cocktails. Answer: Kahlúa.

17. American reality series. Featuring people performing dangerous, crude self-injuring stunts. Answer: Jackass.

18. Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. Was inspired by the classical Chinese novel Journey to the West. Answer: Dragonball.

19. American brand of backpacks. World's largest apparel companies. Answer: JanSport.

20. Multinational Spanish banking group. Second largest bank in Spain. Answer: Bwin.

21. Online gambling company. World's largest publicly traded online gambling firm. Answer: PEZ.

22. Brand name of an Austrian candy. Best known for their mechanical pocket dispensers. Answer: Fox.

23. American commercial broadcast television network. Owned by News Corporation.

24. Was a brand of trucks and suvs. Civilian version of the M998 Humvee. Answer: Hummer.

25. Italian industrial vehicle and bus manufacturing company. Entirely controlled by Fiat. Answer: Iveco.

26. Comic book. Founded in 1934 as National Allied Publications. Answer: DC Comics.

27. Italian fashion company. One of the world's leading international fashion houses. Answer: Versace.

28. American tech media website. Became a brand of CBS Interactive in 2008. Answer: CNET.

29. Major international hotel company. Company's headquarters are located in Minneapolis. Answer: Radisson Hotels.

30. Basic cable and satellite television channel. Aimed mainly at pre-teens and teenagers. Answer: Disney Channel.

31. Fashion label. Also the name of a clothing store in New York City. Answer: DKNY.

32. Online supplier of printed and promotional material. The 6th largest public printing company. Answer: Vistaprint.

33. Automobile manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Created the ""pony car"" class of American automobiles. Answer: Mustang.

34. Luxury hotel chain. Subsidiary of Marriott International. Answer: Ritz-Carlton.

35. Investment banking and wealth management. Division of Bank of America. Answer: Merrill Lynch.

36. Second largest telecommunications company in Brazil. Formerly known as Telefonica Brasil. Answer: Vivo.

37. Multinational mass media corporation. Based in New York City. Answer: Bloomberg.

38. American financial services company. Publishes financial research and analysis. Answer: Standard & Poor.

39. Italian car design firm and coachbuilder. Has been employed by a wide variety of high-end automobile manufacturers. Answer: Pininfarina.

40. Italian company founded in 1972. Specializes in protective wear for sports such as motorcycling. Answer: Dainese.

41. Italian and European food company. World's leading pasta maker. Answer: Barilla.

42. Design company headquartered in Milan, Italy. Makes accessories and parts for automobiles. Answer: MOMO.

43. Collection of application programming interfaces. For handling tasks related to multimedia, especially game programming. Answer: DirectX.

44. International corporation in the hotel, restaurant, and travel industries. One of the largest family-held corporations in the USA. Answer: Carlson.

45. Hotel management company. It is the world's ninth largest hotel group. Answer: Rezidor.

46. One of Australia's largest diversified media companies. Group's operations include newspapers, magazines, radio and digital media. Answer: Fairfax Media.

47. Provider of financial analysis software and services. Was founded in 1909. Answer: Moody's.

48. Was a manufacturer of high-performance computing solutions. Initiated the opengl specification. Answer: SGI.

49. Multi-platform API for rendering computer graphics. Was developed by Silicon Graphics Inc.. Answer: OpenGL.

50. Investment research firm. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Answer: Morningstar.

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Level 26 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

>>symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers Level 26 By Images<<

1. Dubai-based international luxury hotel chain. Portfolio includes the Burj Al Arab. Answer: Jumeirah.

2. Brand of bottled water. Derived, bottled, and shipped from Fiji. Answer: Fiji Water.

3. Japanese bank holding / financial services company. Second largest bank in Japan by market value. Answer: Sumitomo Mitsui.

4. Austrian construction company. One of the largest construction companies in Europe. Answer: Strabag.

5. Health care services company based in Dublin, Ohio. It operates the nation’s largest network of radiopharmacies. Answer: Cardinal Health.

6. International manufacturer and a marketer of transportation fuels. Also one of the United States' largest retail operators. Answer: Valero Energy.

7. German national railway company. The second-largest transport company in the world. Answer: Deutsche Bahn.

8. Multinational steel manufacturing corporation. World's largest steel producer. Answer: ArcelorMittal.

9. German company that produces baking powder, cake mixes and much more. Portfolio also includes a maritime freight business, a bank and hotels. Answer: Dr. Oetker.

10. British company based in Watford. Operators of the UK National Lottery. Answer: Camelot.

11. Norwegian oil and gas company. World's thirteenth largest oil and gas company in 2010. Answer: Statoil.

12. Italian manufacturer of chocolate. Producer of Nutella. Answer: Ferrero.

13. American company distributing pharmaceuticals at a wholesale level. 14th largest company in the United States. Answer: McKesson.

14. German chain of coffee shops and cafés. Also known for its weekly-changing range of other products. Answer: Tchibo.

15. Telephone company and mobile network operator. Dominant in Sweden and Finland. Answer: TeliaSonera.

16. Video sharing website. Places emphasis on current events, politics and reality-based footage. Answer: LiveLeak.

17. Italian global banking and financial services company. Core markets are Italy, Austria, Russia and Southern Germany. Answer: UniCredit.

18. French luxury goods company. Label remains largely for women's offerings. Answer: Dior.

19. World's largest investor-owned electric utility service provider. Based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Answer: EON.

20. French concessions and construction company. Largest construction company in the world. Answer: Vinci.

21. British multinational mining company. World's largest producer of platinum. Answer: Anglo American.

22. British multinational life insurance and financial services company. Leading provider of life insurance and pensions in the UK. Answer: Prudential.

23. Website providing torrent files. Founded in Sweden in 2003. Answer: Pirate Bay.

24. Family of web feed formats. Used to publish frequently updated works. Answer: RSS.

25. Manufacturer of general aviation aircraft. One of the ""Big Three"" in the field of general aviation manufacturing. Answer: Piper Aircraft.

26. Strategic, life simulation video game series. Developed by Maxis. Answer: Sims.

27. German electric utilities company. Second largest electricity producer in Germany. Answer: RWE.

28. Retail and wholesale marketing brand of Suncor Energy. It was a crown corporation of Canada. Answer: Petro-Canada.

29. Specializing in pet food. Subsidiary of the American group Mars, Inc. Answer: Pedigree.

30. Semi-public Brazilian multinational energy corporation. Largest company in the Southern Hemisphere by market capitalization. Answer: Petrobras.

31. International media franchise. Troll fighting against the forces of evil. Answer: Hugo.

32. Social networking service and website. Has over 900 million active users. Answer: Facebook.

33. American monthly men's magazine. Focusing on fashion, style, and culture for men. Answer: GQ.

34. Video game developer. Primarily creates games for mobile phone handsets and tablets. Answer: Gameloft.

35. Pan-European television sport network. Operated by French broadcaster TF1 Group. Answer: Eurosport.

36. American fast food restaurant chain. Specializing in chicken sandwiches. Answer: Chick-fil-A.

37. Canadian retail company. Known for its loyalty program first introduced in 1958. Answer: Canadian Tire.

38. Brand of mineral water. Source is Auvergne Regional Park. Answer: Volvic.

39. Outdoors equipment company. Known primarily for its hydration products. Answer: CamelBak.

40. Major electronics manufacturer. Open System Business Unit of Acer. Answer: AOpen.

41. Denim company. Subsidiary of the Liz Claiborne fashion company. Answer: Lucky Brand Jeans.

42. Flag carrier. Largest airline of Canada. Answer: Air Canada.

43. British security printing company. Company headquartered in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Answer: De La Rue.

44. Spanish private multinational electric utility company. Global leader in wind energy. Answer: Iberdrola.

45. Reinsurance company based in Munich, Germany. One of the world’s leading reinsurers. Answer: Munich Re.

46. Integrated oil company. Majority owned by the Government of Russia. Answer: Rosneft.

47. Banking group. Second largest banking group in Italy. Answer: Intesa Sanpaolo.

48. Brand of soft drinks. Known for its ginger ale. Answer: Canada Dry.

49. Flag carrier of Poland. One of the world's oldest airlines still in operation. Answer: LOT.

50. New Zealand-wide communications service provider. One of the largest companies by value on the New Zealand Exchange. Answer: Telecom New Zealand.

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Level 25 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

>>symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers Level 25 By Images<<

1. French electric engineering company. Groupe industriel français. Specialising in electrical energy transmission and automation. Answer: Schneider .

2. One of the top two clubs in the country. From the state capital. Answer: Real Madrid.

3. Carbonated citrus beverage. Originated at a trade fair in France. Answer: Orangina.

4. Dutch sports car marque. Company's motto is "Nulla tenaci invia est via". Answer: Spyker.

5. American video game development company. Well known for their Unreal Engine technology. Answer: Epic Games.

6. Brand of bottled water. Brand from the Coca-Cola company. Answer: Dasani.

7. Independent civilian intelligence agency. Motto: "And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free". Answer: CIA.

8. Largest beverage producer in China. Signifies "laughing child". Answer: Wahaha.

9. Nitrogenated Irish cream ale. Managed and produced by Diageo. Answer: Kilkenny.

10. Best known for its Network Attached Storage. Subsidiaries of Melco Holdings Inc. Answer: Buffalo.

11. One of the largest professional services companies in the world.. One of the Big Four auditors. Answer: KPMG.

12. Passion for thrilling. Spain's leading cava (sparkling wine). Answer: Freixenet.

13. Supplies Her Majesty's Government with foreign intelligence. Operates under the formal direction of the Joint Intelligence Committee. Answer: MI6.

14. French-Italian multinational electronics and semiconductor manufacturer. Europe's largest semiconductor chip maker. Answer: STMicroelectronics.

15. China's second largest brewery. Founded in 1903 by German settlers. Answer: Tsingtao.

16. Food retailer. Headquartered in Anderlecht, Belgium. Answer: Delhaize.

17. Bring the tourists to their destination. Spain's main airline. Answer: Iberia.

18. International Dutch chain of fashion retail clothing stores. Company was founded by brothers Brenninkmeijer. Answer: C&A.

19. Taiwanese corporation. Specializes in network attached storage. Answer: Synology.

20. Trade fair for video games. Held annually at the Koelnmesse in Cologne. Answer: Gamescom.

21. Dutch multinational banking and financial services company. Global leader in Food and Agri financing. Answer: Rabobank.

22. Mobile advertising company. Subsidiary of Google. Answer: AdMob.

23. Japanese company. Manufacturing and selling info-telecom and printer products. Answer: OKI.

24. Is often mixed with milk. Perhaps the most popular Spanish liqueur. Answer: Licor 43.

25. Global information and measurement company. Often associated with television ratings. Answer: Nielsen.

26. One of the leading German manufacturers of bakery products. World leader in the autumn and Christmas cookies. Answer: Lambertz.

27. Dutch Landline and mobile Telecommunications company. Based in The Hague. Answer: KPN.

28. Annual trade fair for the computer and video games industry. Commonly held each year in Los Angeles. Answer: E3.

29. Brazilian cocktail. Of coconut milk, sugar and cachaça. Answer: Batida de Coco.

30. Paintball equipment manufacturing company. Based in California. Answer: DYE.

31. American sports shoe manufacturer. Focus on skateboarding, snowboarding and BMX. Answer: Vans.

32. Orange-flavored brandy liqueur. Made from a blend of Cognac brandy, bitter orange and sugar. Answer: Grand Marnier.

33. Japanese holding company. Interests in toys, video games and arcades, anime, and amusement parks. Answer: Bandai Namco.

34. A Dutch multinational. Active in performance coatings and specialty chemicals. Answer: AkzoNobel.

35. One of the Big Four professional services firms. Second largest professional services network in the world. Answer: Deloitte.

36. There are no tropical fruits. A fashion label that advertises with supermodels. Answer: Mango.

37. German app developer. Has developed this app. Answer: symblCrowd.

38. Company from Navarra. With hotels in the world. Answer: NH Hoteles.

39. Japanese video game developer, publisher and distribution company. Best known for its role-playing video game franchises. Answer: Square Enix.

40. One of the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders. Slogan: The consumer Next Experience. Answer: NXP.

41. One of the top two clubs in the country. From the football capital of Catalonia. Answer: FC Barcelona.

42. The most valuable brand in the world Spanish. As well-known as "H & M". Answer: ZARA.

43. A group with a lot of energy. The leading energy group in Spain and Latin America. Answer: Endesa.

44. Provides geotechnical, survey and geoscience services. Operates Starfix and Skyfix DGNSS systems. Answer: Fugro.

45. Third largest independent chemical manufacturer in the world. World's largest producer of polypropylene. Answer: LyondellBasell.

46. British video game publisher. Best-known game series include Tomb Raider and Hitman. Answer: Eidos.

47. Brand of correction fluid. Marque de produits de correction. It has become a genericised trademark. Answer: TippEx.

48. Multinational Italian dairy and food corporation. Leading global company in the production of milk. Answer: Parmalat.

49. French industrial group. World leader in products for electrical installations and information networks. Answer: Legrand.

50. British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biologics company. World's fifth-largest pharmaceutical company. AstraZeneca.

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Level 24 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

>>symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers Level 24 By Images<<

1. Was a pioneer in the commercial use of GPS. Was acquired by CSR plc in 2009. Answer: SiRF.

2. Chinese state-owned telecommunications operator. World's third-biggest mobile provider. Answer: China Unicom.

3. Consortium to develop open standards for mobile devices. Was established on 6 November 2007, led by Google. Answer: Open Handset Alliance @ OHA.

4. National telecommunications company in Canada. Based in Burnaby, British Columbia. Answer: Telus.

5. Producer of storage, consumer semiconductor products. Leading fabless semiconductor company. Answer: Marvell.

6. Family of smartphones. Gamme de smartphones. Brand owned by Sony. Answer: Xperia.

7. Produces and designs embedded hardware. Spin-off from Motorola in 2004. Answer: Freescale.

8. Encoding format for digital audio. Common audio format for consumer audio storage. Answer: mp3.

9. World's largest exhibition for the mobile industry. Currently takes place at Fira de Barcelona, Spain. Answer: Mobile World Congress @ MWC.

10. Third largest manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks in the world. Headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, USA. Answer: Paccar.

11. French wireless products manufacturer company. Known for its remote-controlled mini-quadrocopter. Answer: Parrot.

12. Association of mobile operators. Organises the Mobile World Congress. Answer: GSMA.

13. Download manager, written in Java. Allows the automatic downloading from one-click hosting sites. Answer: JDownloader.

14. International standard-setting body. Has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Answer: ISO.

15. User facing translation portal. Provided by Microsoft. Answer: Bing Translator.

16. Computer hardware manufacturer from Taiwan. Popular aftermarket brand for chassis, coolers, cooling pads. Answer: Cooler Master.

17. World's largest and most international computer expo. Trade fair is held each year on the Hanover fairground. Answer: CeBIT.

18. American-based global asset management firm. Specializing in private equity. Answer: Carlyle.

19. Non-profit, non-governmental international standards organization. International Standards for all electrical and electronic technologies. Answer: IEC.

20. International professional gaming championship. Event has won a lot of praise for its organisation. Answer: ESWC.

21. Series of racing games. Originally developed by the French team Nadeo. Answer: TrackMania.

22. Initiative to implement Trusted Computing. Started by AMD, HP, IBM, Intel and Microsoft. Answer: TCG.

23. Consumer electronics company founded in 1986 in Berlin, Germany. Well known for its popular FRITZ!Box series. Answer: AVM.

24. Large German equipment manufacturer. Specializing in cranes, aircraft parts, and mining. Answer: Liebherr.

25. An Anglo–Swiss multinational commodity trading and mining company. World's largest commodities trading company. Answer: Glencore.

26. Peruvian mining company. Largest owner of mining rights in Peru among precious metals companies. Answer: Buenaventura.

27. American comedy-drama detective mystery television series. Created by Andy Breckman and starring Tony Shalhoub. Answer: Monk.

28. Transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry. Headquarters in Madrid, Spain. Answer: Amadeus.

29. Leading Spanish construction company. Based in Barcelona, Spain. Answer: FCC.

30. World's largest courier company. Successor to the German mail authority "\"Deutsche Bundespost". Answer: Deutsche Post.

31. Major Australian company. Entreprise australienne. Largest retail company in Australia. Answer: Woolworths.

32. Integrated Development Environment. Developed by Apple for developing software for OS X and iOS. Answer: Xcode.

33. Passion fruit liqueur. Red-pink colored and has an alcohol volume of 20%. Answer: Passoa

34. Software development kit created by Walter Luh. Allows to build mobile apps for the iphone, ipad, and Android. Answer: Corona.

35. American-based alternative asset management company. Specializes in private equity, real estate, and credit. Answer: Blackstone.

36. International governing body of cricket. Motto: Great Sport Great Spirit. Answer: ICC.

37. Specialized agency of the United Nations. Responsible for information and communication technologies. Answer: ITU.

38. Taiwanese manufacturer of mobile phones and tablet computers. High Tech Computer Corporation. Answer: HTC.

39. Open source server-side scripting language. Designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages. Answer: PHP.

40. Taiwanese multinational company. World's largest electronics contract manufacturer. Answer: Foxconn.

41. German manufacturer of electronics equipment. Noted for its home and car audio equipment. Answer: Blaupunkt.

42. Canadian aerospace company. Leading provider of simulation technologies. Answer: CAE.

43. Japanese multinational corporation. Designs and manufactures electronic products. Answer: Sharp.

44. Chinese multinational company. World's largest market share in white goods. Answer: Haier.

45. Develops consumer, aviation, and marine technologies for GPS. Incorporated in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Answer: Garmin.

46. German public bank. Primary purpose is accepting savings deposits. Answer: Sparkasse.

47. Japanese telecommunications operator. Headquarters in the Garden Air Tower in Iidabashi, Tokyo. Answer: KDDI.

48. Was a German chemicals then life-sciences company. Now subsidiary of the Sanofi-Aventis pharmaceuticals group. Answer: Hoechst.

49. Taiwanese manufacturer of integrated circuits. World's largest independent manufacturer of motherboard chipsets. Answer: VIA.

50. Japanese telecommunications company. Largest telecommunications company in the world in terms of revenue. Answer: NTT.

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Level 23 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

>>symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers Level 23 By Images<<

1. American producer of storage hardware. Subsidiary of EMC Corporation. Answer: Iomega.

2. American action-adventure television series. About a fictional group of ex–United States Army Special Forces. Answer: A-Team.

3. Japanese corporation. Manufacturer of high-end computer displays. Answer: Eizo.

4. Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment company. Products include printers, sewing machines and label printers. Answer: Brother.

5. UK-based global retailer and wholesaler. Fashion clothing and accessories. Answer: FCUK.

6. Japanese company manufacturing photographic lenses. Founded in Saitama, Japan (1950). Slogan: New eyes for industry. Answer: Tamron.

7. Manufacturer of farm and construction equipment. Sells skid steer loaders, compact excavators and tractors. Answer: Bobcat.

8. Danish business conglomerate. Largest container ship operator and supply vessel operator in the world. Answer: MAERSK.

9. French container transportation and shipping company. Third largest container company in the world. Slogan: Chaque jour nous vous rapprochons du bout du monde. Answer: CMA CGM.

10. Brand of rum. It is named after a 17th-century, Welsh privateer of the Caribbean. Answer: Captain Morgan.

11. Brand of rum. Made in Cuba. Answer: Havana Club.

12. Japanese multinational provider of information technology. Member of the Sumitomo Group. Answer: NEC.

13. Japanese manufacturer of car audio. It is majority owned by Hitachi. Answer: Clarion.

14. Japanese multinational corporation. Manufactures construction, mining, and military equipment. Answer: Komatsu.

15. Was a major French company. Well known for communications and mobile telephony businesses. Answer: SAGEM.

16. Manufactures home and car audio equipment. Company helped create the high-fidelity audio industry. Answer: Harman Kardon.

17. German semiconductor manufacturer. Products are microcontrollers, communication ics Power electronics. Answer: Infineon.

18. Private German audio company. Specializing in the design and production of high fidelity products. Answer: Sennheiser.

19. Producer of a well-known wheat beer. Brewery in Hoegaarden, Belgium. Answer: Hoegaarden.

20. Largest beer producer in the Philippines. Southeast Asia's largest publicly listed food, beverage and packaging company. Answer: San Miguel.

21. One of the bestselling brands of beer in Poland. Also has a world distribution. Answer: Tyskie.

22. Brewing company. Founded in Vigevano in Lombardia, Italy in 1846. Answer: Peroni.

23. Company from Switzerland. Well known manufacturer of cough drops and breath mints. Answer: Ricola.

24. Greek distilled spirit. Blend of brandy, spices, and wine. Answer: Metaxa.

25. American sitcom. Created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. Answer: The Big Bang Theory @ TBBT.

26. German tobacco brand owned by the British company Imperial Tobacco. Second-strongest cigarette brand in Germany. Answer: West.

27. Core company of a Japanese global corporate group. One of the world's largest producers of watches. Answer: Citizen Watch.

28. Swiss luxury watch company. In 1995 it was bought by the German company Porsche Design. Answer: Eterna.

29. Global diversified industrial company. Headquarters are in Ireland. Answer: Ingersoll Rand.

30. South Korean conglomerate company. Products are consumer goods, real estate, financial services, IT services. Answer: Doosan.

31. Swiss company headquartered in Lucerne. Milk processor and dairy products. Answer: Emmi.

32. Largest cable operator in the United States. Providing cable television, broadband Internet, telephone service. Answer: Comcast.

33. Largest Italian telecommunications company. Also active in the media and manufacturing industries. Answer: Telecom Italia.

34. Cigarette manufacturing company. Japanese company and third largest in his branch. Answer: Japan Tobacco.

35. Chocolate confectionery. Consisting of a "heart" of cherry (in USA filled with hazelnuts). Answer: Mon Chéri.

36. Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company. Produces electronic products, primarily cameras and office equipment. Answer: Ricoh.

37. British multinational pharmaceutical and biologics company. World's fourth-largest pharmaceutical company. Answer: GlaxoSmithKline.

38. British multinational alcoholic beverages company. World's largest producer of spirits and a major producer of beer and wine. Answer: Diageo.

39. American television sitcom. Starring Charlie Sheen (now Ashton Kutcher), Jon Cryer and Angus T. Answer: Two and a Half Men.

40. Software application for OS X and ios. Allows users to create music or podcasts. Answer: GarageBand.

41. Global automotive supplier. North America's largest automobile parts manufacturer. Answer: Magna.

42. Swiss global health-care company. Operates worldwide under two divisions: Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. Answer: Roche.

43. Swiss technology conglomerate. Coating services, vacuum solutions and textile technology. Answer: Oerlikon.

44. American television medical drama. About a drug-addicted, unconventional, misanthropic medical. Answer: House.

45. American multinational media corporation. World's largest media conglomerate. Answer: Time Warner.

46. Was a global financial services firm. Lehman was the fourth largest investment bank in the US. Answer: Lehman Brothers

47. Global security group based in Switzerland. Products are Access control systems and management, cylinders and keys. Answer: Kaba.

48. Crunchy butter almond bar. Brand is now owned by Kraft Foods. Answer: Daim.

49. Spherical chocolate sweet. Made by Italian chocolatier Ferrero. Answer: Rocher.

50. American multinational financial services corporation. Headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Answer: Morgan Stanley.

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Level 22 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

>>symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers Level 22 By Images<<

1. English brand of cigarettes. Predominantly made from Virginia tobacco. Answer: Benson Hedges.

2. Multinational electronics manufacturing company. Include calculators, watches, cameras. Answer: Casio.

3. Japanese multinational conglomerate. Part of the larger DKB Group. Slogan: Inspire the Next. Answer: Hitachi.

4. Freeware-Programm. Image viewer for Microsoft Windows. Software was first released in 1996. Answer: IrfanView.

5. Premium-rate monthly SMS mobile phone content provider. Based in Berlin, Germany. Answer: Jamba.

6. Brand of cigarettes. Marque de cigarettes. Produced by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Answer: Pall Mall.

7. Graphics editing program. Developed by MOOII Tech, Korea. Answer: PhotoScape.

8. Works in the field of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. Best known for heaters. Answer: Vaillant.

9. German brewery. Ranks number 8 among Germany's bestselling breweries. Answer: Paulaner.

10. German chocolate brand. Owned by Stollwerck. Answer: Sarotti.

11. German fine writing instruments company. Manufacturer and suppliers of writing, artist, and engineering drawing instruments. Answer: Staedtler.

12. Italian food company. Produces a range of pasta. Answer: Buitoni.

13. Upscale international Swiss hotel chain. Are primarily 5-star resort hotels and business/airport hotels. Answer: Moevenpick.

14. Input method for touchscreens. 2011 acquired by Nuance Communications. Answer: Swype.

15. German multinational conglomerate corporation. One of the world's largest steel producers. Slogan: "Developing the future". Answer: ThyssenKrupp.

16. Second largest German manufacturer of chocolate products.was founded 1890 in Bremen, Germany. Answer: Hachez.

17. Germany's largest watch and clock manufacturer. Introduced the first radio-controlled table clock on the world market. Answer: Junghans.

18. Casual clothing brand. Enterprise catalane de conception. Is noted for its patchwork designs, intense prints, innovative graffiti art. Answer: Desigual.

19. American science fiction thriller film.. Created an amusement park of cloned dinosaurs. Answer: Jurassic Park.

20. German confectionary company. Made the first gummy candy in 1922. Answer: Haribo.

21. A zwieback and chocolate producer in Germany. Company was established in 12 October 1912 in Hagen by Carl Brandt. Answer: Brandt.

22. Chocolate bar made by Nestlé. Previously a Rowntree's product with the name "tam". Answer: Lion.

23. Was a confectionery business based in York, England. It is now a historic brand owned by Nestlé. Answer: Rowntrees.

24. Company that produces and retails frozen food. Products include Crispy Pancakes, which were invented in the early 1970s. Answer: Findus.

25. French multinational telecommunications corporation. Largest in Europe and second largest in the world. Answer: France Telecom.

26. 3D medieval fantasy MMORPG. Developed by Mythic Entertainment. Answer: daoc.

27. Electric utility, headquartered in Paris, France. Second largest electric utility company in the world. Answer: EDF

28. French multinational electric utility company. Operates in electricity generation, distribution, natural gas and renewable energy. Answer: GDF Suez.

29. Privately owned retailing symbol group. Based in France and operating internationally. Answer: Les Mousquetaires.

30. Multinational French company. Industry: Environmental services. Answer: Veolia Environnement.

31. Video game developer in Fairfax, Virginia. Is most widely recognized for developing role-playing game Dark Age of Camelot. Answer: Mythic.

32. French hypermarket chain. Chain enables semi-independent stores to operate under the brand. Answer: E.Leclerc.

33. German mechanical engineering company. Primary output is for the automotive industry, particularly heavy trucks. Answer: MAN.

34. Japanese multinational automaker. Was the sixth largest automaker in the world in 2010. Answer: Nissan.

35. Airline based at Dubai International Airport. Largest airline in the Middle East. Answer: Emirates.

36. Colorado-based manufacturer of high-end skiing apparel. World's largest ski specialty brand. Answer: Spyder.

37. Outdoor clothing and sporting goods company. Founded in North Vancouver, Canada, in 1989. Answer: Arcteryx.

38. Brand of beer. Fictional beverage on the animated series The Simpsons. Answer: Duff Beer.

39. Reference book published annually. Containing a collection of world records, both human achievements and the extremes of the natural world. Answer: Guinness World Records.

40. Outdoor recreational activity. Participants use a GPS to hide and seek containers. Answer: Geocaching.

41. Founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994. Known for its web portal, search engine. Answer: Yahoo.

42. American IT company. Proprietary computer storage and data management company. Answer: NetApp.

43. German sporting goods manufacturer. Second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Answer: Adidas.

44. Japanese automotive manufacturer. Best known for his roadster. Answer: Mazda.

45. Oldest Japanese manufacturer of cars. Known mostly for its smaller models and off-road vehicles. Answer: Daihatsu.

46. German defense manufacturing company. Produces various small arms. Answer: Heckler Koch.

47. Product of the Coca-Cola Company. Translated into English, is "Cola Kisses Orange”. Answer: Mezzo Mix.

48. Italian automaker. Largest automobile manufacturer in Italy. Answer: Fiat.

49. American retailer that focuses on casual wear. Known for its racy marketing photography by Bruce Weber. Answer: Abercrombie Fitch.

50. American major global music conglomerate. Largest American-owned music corporation worldwide. Answer: WMG.

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Level 21 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

>>symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers Level 21 By Images<<

1. Multi-language software development environment. It is written mostly in Java. Answer: Eclipse.

2. Discontinued high-density optical disc. Toshiba abandoned the format in 2008. Answer: HD DVD.

3. Founded 1983 in Japan. Produces graphics tablets and related products. Answer: Wacom.

4. Computer bus interface. Connecting host bus adapters to mass storage devices. Answer: SATA.

5. Concentrates primarily on hammer drills, firestops, and installation systems. Products for the construction, building maintenance and mining industries. Answer: Hilti.

6. Fictional character. Created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming. Answer: 007.

7. National flag carrier of Vietnam. Member of skyteam. Answer: Vietnam Airlines.

8. Japanese multinational electronics corporation. World’s fifth-largest personal computer vendor. Answer: Toshiba.

9. Working group of experts. Was formed by ISO and IEC. Answer: MPEG.

10. International self-service wholesale retailer. Operates across Europe and in some countries of Asia and Northern Africa. Answer: Metro.

11. Theme restaurant. Inspired by the popular portrayal of Hollywood. Answer: Planet Hollywood.

12. Founded in Winston-Salem, USA in 1875. Second-largest tobacco company in the US. Answer: R. J. Reynolds.

13. Australian-themed American casual dining restaurant chain. Founded 1988 in Tampa, Florida, U.S.. Answer: Outback.

14. Primarily produces and sells cognac. Owned by Rémy Cointreau. Answer: Rémy Martin.

15. Multinational lighting manufacturer. Second-largest lighting manufacturer in the world. Answer: Osram.

16. Interface for connecting peripheral devices to a computer. Developed by Intel and brought to market with Apple. Answer: Thunderbolt.

17. Operates a diverse array of network infrastructure. Manages two of the Internet’s thirteen root nameservers. Answer: Verisign.

18. British Internet retailer. Specialising in groceries. Answer: Ocado.

19. American fast food chain. Specializes in hot dogs. Answer: Wienerschnitzel.

20. Swiss luxury tobacco goods brand. Cool Water was a perfume of this brand. Answer: Davidoff.

21. International media company. One of the largest broadband providers outside the USA. Answer: Unitymedia .

22. Brand of bubble gum. Originally produced Wrigley. Answer: Hubba Bubba.

23. Certificate authority. Second largest public CA on the Internet. Answer: Thawte.

24. World-leading cognac house. Co-leader of LVMH. Answer: Hennessy.

25. Proprietary freeware raster graphics editor. Developed on the .NET Framework. Answer: Paint.NET.

26. Serial bus interface standard. A brand owned by Apple. Answer: FireWire.

27. American computer and network security company. Parent company is EMC Corporation. Answer: RSA.

28. Major producer of flavors and fragrances. Forth biggest company in this branch. Answer: Symrise.

29. Californian manufacturer of consumer electronics. Specializes in connectivity devices. Answer: Belkin.

30. Chocolate bar manufactured by Mars. Coconut filling enrobed with milk chocolate. Answer: Bounty.

31. Electronics company producing audio communications equipment. Well known for its headsets. Answer: Plantronics.

32. British video game developer. Formerly led by Peter Molyneux. Answer: Lionhead.

33. Producer of writing instruments in Europe. Was a pioneer in the use of moulded synthetic plastics. Answer: Lamy.

34. South African casual dining restaurant. Restaurants with a Portuguese/Mozambiquan theme. Answer: Nandos.

35. Italian luxury industry fashion house. Presented their first women’s collection in 1985. Answer: Dolce Gabbana.

36. Largest airline in Taiwan. Member of skyteam airline alliance. Answer: China Airlines.

37. Text editor and source code editor. Is distributed as free software. Answer: Notepad++.

38. Irish computer software company, best known for its physic engine. Owned by Intel. Answer: Havok.

39. French company founded in 1980. World’s first commercial space transportation company. Answer: Arianespace.

40. Internationally franchised brand of yogurt. Jointly owned by General Mills and Sodiaal. Answer: Yoplait.

41. Worldwide wholesaler of fasteners, screws and screw accessories. Was founded in 1945 by Adolf Würth in Künzelsau, Germany. Answer: Wuerth.

42. Italian multinational oil and gas company. Italy’s largest industrial company. Answer: Eni.

43. German transportation company. Comprising a cargo container shipping line. Answer: Hapag Lloyd.

44. German construction company. One of the largest general construction companies in the USA. Answer: Hochtief.

45. British multinational company. Banking and financial services. Answer: Standard Chartered.

46. British multinational insurance company. Sixth-largest insurance company in the world. Answer: Aviva.

47. Producing aerial systems for both military and civilian usage. Israel’s prime aerospace and aviation manufacturer. Answer: IAI.

48. Computer operating system. Released as free and open source software. Answer: Debian.

49. French-owned computer company. Also has machines at the TOP500 supercomputer list. Answer: Bull.

50. International chain of convenience stores. World’s largest operator, franchisor and licensor of convenience stores. Answer: 7eleven.

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9 Jul 2013

Level 20 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

>>symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers Level 20 By Images<<

1. American toy company. Barbie. Answer: Mattel.

2. Was a highway within the U.S. highway system. Became one of the most famous roads in America. Answer: Route 66.

3. File hosting service. Allows users to upload and sync files to a cloud storage. Answer: SkyDrive.

4. Russian company. World’s largest aluminium company. Answer: RUSAL.

5. American multinational corporation. Develops and manufactures data storage solutions. Answer: SanDisk.

6. Software product. Proprietary optical disc authoring software. Answer: CloneCD.

7. Cross platform game engine. Developed by unity technologies. Answer: Unity.

8. Developed by apple. Web browser. Answer: Safari.

9. Virtual drive. Optical disc authoring program. Answer: Daemon Tools.

10. Proprietary voice over IP software. Target audience is gamers. Answer: TeamSpeak.

11. Shareware file archiver. Current developer is Eugene roshal. Answer: WinRAR.

12. Game publisher. World’s second-largest gaming company by revenue after Nintendo. Answer: Activision Blizzard.

13. Canadian company based in Montreal. Global leader of aluminium mining and production. Answer: ALCAN.

14. Based in the south phoenix area of phoenix, Arizona. Owns several for-profit educational institutions. Answer: Apollo.

15. American privately held communication company. Products are business, telecommunications and equipment. Answer: Avaya.

16. Anglo-Australian multinational mining and petroleum company. World’s largest mining company. Answer: BHP Billiton.

17. Non-profit organization. Support the free software movement. Answer: FSF.

18. American stock exchange. Second-largest stock exchange by market capitalization in the world. Answer: NASDAQ.

19. American chain of department stores. Was bought out by Kmart in early 2005. Answer: Sears.

20. American it company. Proprietary computer storage and data management company. Answer: NetApp.

21. Fabless semiconductor company. Logo is inspired from the mathematical sinc function. Answer: Broadcom.

22. American fast food chain (historic logo). Competitor of McDonald’s. Answer: Burger King.

23. American video game development company. Well known for its social-distribution network steam. Answer: Valve.

24. Open source application framework. For the java platform. Answer: Spring Framework.

25. Internet content delivery network. One of the world’s largest distributed-computing platforms. Answer: Akamai.

26. Fast food restaurant chain. Primarily known for selling roast beef sandwiches and curly fries. Answer: Arby's.

27. Question answering focused web search engine. Currently owned by InterActiveCorp. Answer: Ask.

28. One of the largest independent software corporations. Creates systems software that runs in mainframe and distributed computing. Answer: CA.

29. American multinational chemical corporation. It is the second-largest chemical manufacturer. Answer: Dow Chemical.

30. American multinational corporation. Sells data storage products and services. Answer: EMC.

31. Was a French oil company. Which merged with totalfina. Answer: Elf.

32. Sporting goods company. Is known for pioneering fiberglass ski technology. Answer: K2.

33. Flag carrier airline of the Netherlands. It is the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name. Answer: KLM.

34. American manufacturer of cookies and snacks. Best known for Oreo cookies. Answer: Nabisco.

35. Kuwait’s national oil company. Was founded on January 27, 1980 as an umbrella company. Answer: Q8.

36. Privately owned software company. Best known for QuarkXPress. Answer: Quark.

37. Italian-based manufacturer of tractors and combine harvesters. Founded 1942 in Treviglio. Answer: SAME Deutz-Fahr.

38. Linux distribution. Sponsored by novel and a number of other companies. Answer: openSUSE.

39. Largest Brazilian airline. Headquarters are in São Paulo. Answer: TAM.

40. American film studio. Original studio of that name was founded in 1919. Answer: United Artists.

41. American global information technology company. Based in blue bell, Pennsylvania, USA. Answer: Unisys.

42. Was the first airline founded in Brazil. From 1965 until 1990 it was Brazil’s leading and almost only international airline. Answer: VARIG.

43. Knife manufacturer based in Switzerland. Sole supplier of multi-purpose knives to the Swiss army. Answer: Victorinox.

44. Israeli world wide web infrastructure software company. Deployment and management of PHP-based web applications. Answer: Zend.

45. Worldwide marketing communications network. It is owned by Omnicom group. Answer: DDB.

46. French multinational advertising and public relations company. One of the world’s three largest advertising holding companies. Answer: Publicis.

47. American internet company. Held over 50 brands across 40 countries, like Answer: IAC.

48. Designer and manufacturer of mobile handheld computers. Best known for his organiser. Answer: Psion.

49. Internet-based travel website. Founded as a division of Microsoft in 1996. Answer: Expedia.

50. Answer engine. Based on the computational platform mathematica. Answer: Wolfram Alpha.

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Level 19 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Hints

>>symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers Level 19 By Images<<

1. Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and systems company. World’s fifth-largest telecoms equipment maker. Answer: ZTE.

2. American video game development company. Developer of Borderlands. Answer: Gearbox.

3. Video game developer based in Lyon, France. Developer of Dishonoured. Answer: Arkane Studios.

4. American video game development company. Developer of Doom and Wolfenstein. Answer: Id Software.

5. Digital distribution platform. Developed by Valve Corporation. Answer: Steam.

6. German kitchen manufacturer. Located in Aich near Bodenkirchen in Lower Bavaria. Answer: Bulthaup.

7. Full-color monthly American magazine. Well known for its Vaporware Awards. Answer: Wired.

8. Free open source 2-dimensional physics simulator engine. Used in many online Flash games. Answer: Box2D.

9. Instant messaging client. Created by Microsoft. Answer: MSN Messenger.

10. Computer program for free-form information gathering. Also part of MS Office. Answer: OneNote.

11. Open-source office productivity software suite. Originated as staroffice. Answer: OpenOffice.

12. Proprietary office suite. Originally developed by stardivision. Answer: StarOffice.

13. Free and open source office suite. Developed by The Document Foundation. Answer: LibreOffice.

14. Free Unix-like operating system. Development began in 1993. Answer: FreeBSD.

15. Unix operating system. Originally developed by Sun Microsystems. Answer: Solaris.

16. Desktop environment. Graphical user interface that runs on top of a computer operating system. Answer: GNOME.

17. Unix-based graphical interface operating systems. Developed, marketed, and sold by Apple. Answer: Mac OS X.

18. Mobile operating system. Developed and distributed by Apple. Answer: IOS.

19. Internet-based travel website. Founded as a division of Microsoft in 1996. Answer: Expedia.

20. Video game developer. Developers of the game series Guild Wars. Answer: ArenaNet.

21. South Korea-based online video game company. Published massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Answer: NCsoft.

22. Anglo-Swiss multinational mining company. World’s largest exporter of thermal coal. Answer: Xstrata.

23. American fast food chain. Competitor of McDonald’s. Answer: Burger King.

24. Europe’s largest manufacturer of sanitary fittings. Has a showroom for partners and visitors on Fifth Avenue, New York. Answer: Grohe.

25. Internetplattform. Website. Offering ad-supported on-demand streaming video. Answer: Hulu.

26. British multinational music company. Was one of the "big four" record companies. Answer: EMI.

27. Travel website. Assists customers in gathering travel information. Answer: TripAdvisor.

28. Canadian telecommunication and wireless equipment company. Best known as the developer of the blackberry smartphone. Answer: RIM.

29. Handheld game console. Manufactured and marketed by Sony. Answer: PS Vita.

30. British-Australian multinational metals and mining corporation. Named after a Spain river. Answer: Rio Tinto.

31. Global generic and specialty pharmaceuticals company. Headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Answer: Mylan.

32. Vector graphics editor. Free cross-platform software. Answer: Inkscape.

33. Menswear. A brand owned by Danish company Bestseller. Answer: JackJones.

34. Family of specifications of an XML-based file format. For two-dimensional vector graphics. Answer: SVG.

35. American video game company. Best known for creating The Elder Scrolls RPG series. Answer: Bethesda.

36. American food production and distribution company. One of the country’s largest producers of branded food. Answer: Del Monte Foods.

37. Image retouching and editing tool. Often cited as a replacement for Adobe Photoshop. Answer: GIMP.

38. One of the largest private equity investment firms. Founded in 1992 by David Bonderman, James Coulter and William S. Price III. Answer: TPG.

39. Set of tools with a managed runtime environment. Facilitates video game development and management. Answer: XNA.

40. Focuses on 3D design software. Best known for AutoCAD. Answer: Autodesk.

41. Software company located in St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda. Best known for clonecd. Answer: SlySoft.

42. Diversified managed health care company. Largest single health carrier in the United States. Answer: UnitedHealth.

43. Shopping Website. Price comparison service website. Answer: NexTag.

44. American software company. Specializing in Business Service Management software. Answer: BMC Software.

45. American metals industry company. World’s third largest producer of aluminium. Answer: Alcoa.

46. Software company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Specializes in graphics processing. Answer: Corel.

47. Silicon Valley manufacturer of plds. Reconfigurable complex digital circuits. Answer: Altera.

48. Developer and vendor of security software. Founded in 1985 by Dr. Peter Lammer and Dr. Jan Hruska. Answer: Sophos.

49. American dental equipment maker. Leader in consumable dental products. Answer: Dentsply.

50. Was a U.S. airline. Became part of the US Airways Group after a merger in 2005. Answer: America West.

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