19 Jul 2014

Level 36 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers

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29 May 2014

Clash of Clans Hack: Sandbox Mode in Clan Wars

For some people who did know what is SandBox Mode, SandBox Mode is where you can do a dummy attack on whoever base include your clan mates! This dummy attack will not really spend your troops, and you can trial and error to get a 3 stars in revenge, Clan Wars, and your clan mates base. In this post I will show you the SandBox Mode in Clan Wars by using Android device and xxzhushou app.

To do this you will need to install xxzhushou app first.

**Note: xxzhushou app only work on rooted device.

1) Tap on the rectangle mark.





2) Tap on number 1 then scroll the menu box to the bottom, tap the last menu to activate it (It will turn to green).


3) To try the SandBox Mode tap on scout.


Watch the video below to see how it works.

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11 May 2014

How to Auto Scan a Match With Lot of Loots in Clash of Clans

Every Clashers must have desire to attack enemy with lot of gold , elixirs, and dark elixir (usually called loots among the Clasher) to stole it from the enemy. But it something tiresome to tap on “NEXT” button many times until found the right enemy. There is one app called xxzhushou can help you to search the desire enemy base. Lets see how this app works.
First thing you need to do/know:
  1. This app only works on rooted phone only.
  2. Download the app from www.xxzhushou.cn
  3. This app works on Android and also iOs, but I only show way to use on Android only.
  4. If you want to use for iOs, you need to JailBreak your device.
Ok then lets proceed to the how to use the app:
1) Open the app, and grant the Superuser access.
2) Tap on the Clash of Clan game inside the app:
3) Tap on the Green Box bottom of the page:
make sure it become like the image below:
4) Open the Clash of Clan by tap one the box on the right:
5) Three Chinese writing will appear on right side of your screen:
Tap on the middle writing and a menu box will appear:
There will be three more Chinese writing in the menu box, the upper is for Gold, middle for Elixir and bottom for Dark Elixir. You can enter your desire value for each of the menu.
This is the value I desire, not recommended to put high value because it will do many auto scanning, if it not found any base it will only waste your gold.
5) To stop the auto-scanning, tap on the upper writing on the right of your screen to change the color to green. To start again, tap it again to red color. 

Note: I don’t understand the Chinese language, this tips is shared by my friends. You will not found an enemy base with exact value of loots you entered, the value is only a range. Watch the video below for more clear view:
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7 May 2014

Scoring 3 Stars in Clan Wars

In previous post I give 3 steps how to get 3 stars in Clash of Clans War . In this post I want to give the visual example of the 3 steps which is 1) Attract and Kill The King, Queen and Clan Castle Troops, 2) Destroy all Defense 3) All-out Attack in term of videos to give you a clear view of my tips how to score 3 stars in Clash of Clans War.

Now let analyse these three videos.

In video 1 you can see the attacker send one Giant to attract the Clan Castle Troops and also the Barbarian King, after that the attacker put some Archers to the base corner and attack the enemy’s troops there. Then the attacker put all the Hogs to attack the enemy defense, Hogs is very recommended to do this attack because they can jump over the wall and very fast. After the enemy’s defense all destroyed, the attacker add some more troops to finish the balance building. The attacker successfully gained 3 stars for the raid. Why the attacker put the Giant instead of Archer or any other troops? I can say that the reason is because the Giant has enough live to attract all the troops guarding the enemy’s base. If the attacker put the short live troops such as, Barbarian, Archers, and Wizard him need to put many of them, this can waste the troops. Instead of many, the attacker only use one giant to do the task.

In video 2 the attacker use the same strategy, but he put one hog to attract the enemy’s troops. Hog is also efficient to attract the enemy’s troops, but I can say the hog is expensive to do this task while there is other troop more cheaper and also efficient.

In video 3, the attacker tried to do the same strategy, but he did a careless mistake which is he did not attract all the Clan Castle Troops. This mistake caused him a problem during the defense attack, the balance enemy’s troops killed his Hogs before them finish to destroy all defense. This mistake may look small at first, but eventually the attacker did not manage to gain 3 stars on the raid because not enough time. This mistake is what you need to avoid during the raid or you also cannot gain the 3 stars.

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3 May 2014

Tips: How to score 3 stars in Clash of Clans War

In Clan Wars the most important is to score the most stars than your enemy to be the winner. When said about the most stars, all of your clan mates need to score three stars. If not the chances to win will be low, don't make expectation like "score at least one star is good enough". If your expectation like this you will never be a winner and never will gain the war loot because the enemy clan may score more stars than your clan. Every war need a strategy to win, let me share you some ways to score three stars in Clan Wars.

Attract and Kill The King, Queen and Clan Castle Troops
As you know a during Clan Wars you will be given a preparation day for 24 hours, during this day you will had a chance to donate and receive troops for the Clan Wars. Your enemy also had this chance, and they will filled up their Clan Castle with various of troops. Usually the stronger clan mate will do the most donation because they have high levelled troops, do the same to your Clan! Other than that, for Town Hall 8 and above, usually they will have Barbarian King and Archer Queen to guard their base. What you need to do first is to attract them to the edge or corner of your base and kill them fast. If not, they will kill your troops first during the attack. You can use any troops that will attack any target, don't choose troops that will attack specific target because they will avoid the enemy's troops. Watch examples here (LINK).

Destroy all Defence
After the enemy’s Barbarian King, Archer Queen and Clan Castle Troops all died, attack the enemy’s defence. Time is very crucial, you need to attack fast before the times up. Hog is recommended to do the attack because Hog is fast and can jump over the wall. However you still can use other troops such as Giants with combination of Healing Spell and Rage Spell to back-up your giants.

All-out Attack
After all defence is destroyed, place other troops like archer or barbarian in every corner of the enemy base. Don’t place the troops in one place or they will take times to destroyed the all buildings. The distributed troops will attack many building in one time, so, the chance to destroy all buildings in time is more higher.

**Notes – I'm currently uploading the video example, after its finish upload, and do some editing to the videos I will put it in here to share with you guys.
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9 Apr 2014

Level 35 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers

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