12 Sep 2014

How to Root Bluestack

Print First you need a few files to be downloaded onto your computer:

1. Bluestack (Download Page)

2. Bluestack MultiTool v1.21r1 (valid for Bluestack version 0.812 and below) (Download and extract)

3. BSNetBlocker version 1.0.3. (Download and extract)

4. UPDATE-Superuser-v3.2a.zip (Just download, don’t need to extract)


Rooting guide:

1. Install the Bluestack (Make sure you install the 0.812 version or below, go to Bluestack download page above).

2. Block the Bluestack Internet Connection by using the BSNetBlocker (Run as Administration).


3. Put the UPDATE-Superuser-v3.2a.zip in the same folder as BSMultiTool.exe.


4. Run the Bluestack Multitool (Run as Administration).

5. Choose option 1 and follow the instructions.


6. Wait for the rooting process finished, and your Bluestack should have been rooted.

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3 Sep 2014

Real Racing 3 version 2.5.0 Unlimited Money and Gold for Android

real racing hack

Real Racing 3 version 2.5.0 hack features:

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited gold
  • Shopping without pay
  • and Low risk of being banned in game.

Installation guide:

  • Download the .APK via the link below.
  • Copy .APK file into your Android device (If you download using PC or other device).
  • Uninstall Real Racing 3 if you have installed in your device.
  • Install the .APK into your device, before that make sure you enabled “Unknown Sources” (In setting>security>unknown source).
  • Launch the game and wait until it finishes update.
  • Log in with your ID and you good to play.

How to get the unlimited money and gold:

  • Just spend your money and your gold to upgrade or buy car. When you buy something worth 100gold, instead of reduce your gold this mod APK will add 100gold into your account.


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24 Aug 2014

How to Auto Search Loots and Simulate/Test Attack on Enemy in Clash of Clans

Here I will teach how to search your desired amount of loots (Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir) and do a simulate or test attack on enemy in Clash of Clans. Before this I use a China app to do this, now the app come in English language. This trick only work on rooted device only.

Download and install XModGames from Playstore (While Available) for this trick.

For first time user make sure you follow the below steps:


1) Launch the XModGames and tap on the Clash of Clans (Tap on the logo).


2) Tap on Install Mod


3) Now you good to use the mod function. Make sure every time you want to use the functions launch the Clash of Clans from XModGames app. Launch the Clash of Clans.


Search Auto Loots


To search your desired amount of loots, first tap on Set, the button on your right screen. Set the desired amount of gold, elixir, and dark elixir. Make sure you don’t have shield while doing this, and while doing this your gold will reduce same as normal search. Your gold may drain to zero if the search not found your desired loots, make sure not set to high value.


Tap on the search switch to start the auto search.

Simulate/Test Attack


This simulate/test attack or called as sandbox attack can be used to test on Clan War and to revenge enemy base (search on youtube how this works). This function can see how damage you can cause to the enemy, and study how to improve the attack to get the 100% or full damaged to your enemy. To do this tap on set, right side on your device screen and on the Sandbox attack by tap on it.

After on the sandbox attack, go to revenge list and tap visit to simulate/test attack. For clan wars, tap on scout to simulate/test attack.

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Keep Active in Clash of Clans Prevent From Being Raid

Most of Clash of Clans player must be worried if their town being attack while having a lot of loots (Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir). Here I have learned a trick how to keep active in game and prevent your base being attack by enemies.


The first trick I want to share require you to play the Clash of Clans in PC or laptop, because this trick works in Bluestack.

First you have to download two things which are:

1) Bluestack.

2) Free Mouse Auto Clicker.

You can Google these two things, download them, and install in your PC or Laptop.

Bluestack is an App Player that can play any Android Apps on your PC or Laptop. For first time user, you need to log in your Google+ ID that you used to play Clash of Clans, and install Clash of Clans app in your bluestack via PlayStore in the Bluestack.

Free Mouse Auto Clicker is an automatic clicker that can click certain location on your screen. This the one will make your base keep active. After finished install, open Clash of Clans in Bluestack, open Free Mouse Auto Clicker. Set the suitable time on Free Mouse Auto Clicker ( I usually set in for 30 seconds) and move your cursor to any collector such as gold, elixir, and dark elixir collector. Free Mouse Auto Clicker will automatically collect your loots and this will make your base keep active.


The second trick can be use on rooted Android device, you only require to root your device and download and install XModGames app from PlayStore (While available). After finished install, open XModGames app from your device, first user need to install mod for Clash of Clans first. To install mod, follow these step below:


1) Tap on Clash of Clans (Tap on the logo)


2) Tap on Install Mod


3) Mod Installed, and now you good to use the app. Every time you want to use the XModGames function for your Clash of Clans, launch the game from XModGames app or the function will not available. Launch the game from the XModGames.


4) Tap on the Set box on the right of your device screen and a Set Menu will popup as in the image above. Tap on the Keep Ative to on the function. Now your base will keep active until you off the function or close the app by tap the menu button on your device.


Recommended: To use bluestack on your PC or Laptop, by keep active using your device will make it hot and drain your battery.

Reminder: To use the XModGames function your need to launch Clash of Clans from XModGames.

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29 May 2014

Clash of Clans Hack: Sandbox Mode in Clan Wars

For some people who did know what is SandBox Mode, SandBox Mode is where you can do a dummy attack on whoever base include your clan mates! This dummy attack will not really spend your troops, and you can trial and error to get a 3 stars in revenge, Clan Wars, and your clan mates base. In this post I will show you the SandBox Mode in Clan Wars by using Android device and xxzhushou app.

To do this you will need to install xxzhushou app first.

**Note: xxzhushou app only work on rooted device.

1) Tap on the rectangle mark.





2) Tap on number 1 then scroll the menu box to the bottom, tap the last menu to activate it (It will turn to green).


3) To try the SandBox Mode tap on scout.


Watch the video below to see how it works.

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11 May 2014

How to Auto Scan a Match With Lot of Loots in Clash of Clans

Every Clashers must have desire to attack enemy with lot of gold , elixirs, and dark elixir (usually called loots among the Clasher) to stole it from the enemy. But it something tiresome to tap on “NEXT” button many times until found the right enemy. There is one app called xxzhushou can help you to search the desire enemy base. Lets see how this app works.
First thing you need to do/know:
  1. This app only works on rooted phone only.
  2. Download the app from www.xxzhushou.cn
  3. This app works on Android and also iOs, but I only show way to use on Android only.
  4. If you want to use for iOs, you need to JailBreak your device.
Ok then lets proceed to the how to use the app:
1) Open the app, and grant the Superuser access.
2) Tap on the Clash of Clan game inside the app:
3) Tap on the Green Box bottom of the page:
make sure it become like the image below:
4) Open the Clash of Clan by tap one the box on the right:
5) Three Chinese writing will appear on right side of your screen:
Tap on the middle writing and a menu box will appear:
There will be three more Chinese writing in the menu box, the upper is for Gold, middle for Elixir and bottom for Dark Elixir. You can enter your desire value for each of the menu.
This is the value I desire, not recommended to put high value because it will do many auto scanning, if it not found any base it will only waste your gold.
5) To stop the auto-scanning, tap on the upper writing on the right of your screen to change the color to green. To start again, tap it again to red color. 

Note: I don’t understand the Chinese language, this tips is shared by my friends. You will not found an enemy base with exact value of loots you entered, the value is only a range. Watch the video below for more clear view:
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